Quarantine Circular Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Quarantine Circular 
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 Quarantine Circular Cheats

Quarantine Circular

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Puzzle Solutions:
Written by FordGT90Concept

-=Marc's Translator Code=-
Tip: It's in his notes. If he is present at the end game, he can say it for you.

Answer: 123

-=Alla's Puzzle=-
This one is a four part riddle (second is broken into two parts):

My first is in cake, but not in casserole.

Hint 1: It's being very literal in terms of spelling.
Hint 2: What letter is in cake but not casserole?
Solution: K

My second, third and fourth are human, but forgiveness is divine.

Hint 1: This is not literal at all. Think about the meaning of the whole sentence.
Hint 2: The solution is a single word but it is entered as the first letter and 
        then the remaining two letters.
Hint 3: Think about why someone would need forgiveness.
Hint 4: This phrase is actually a quote by the poet Alexander Pope.
Hint 5: To ___ is human; to forgive, is divine.
Solution: ERR which is broken into E and RR

My last, is a question.

Hint 1: Remember, we're looking for just a single letter.
Hint 2: Which letter in the English alphabet also sounds like a question when pronounced?
Solution: Y

-=Teng's Puzzle=-
This is a Caesar cipher in Teng's notes. There two things to look for in there:

The ciphered text: XliEhqmvepMwJsspmwl
The number of characters to shift it: 4

The developers were tricky in that the shift is backwards instead of forwards. 
Solve it, and you'll get this: TheAdmiralIsFoolish

For clarity, I'll add spaces: The Admiral Is Foolish

-=Private Code=-
This code is used if Marc, Teng, and Alla are present. All are on the notes pages.

Teng's notes right at the top: Kappa _ _ _ _
Khan's notes about half way down: _ Theta _ _ _
Marc's notes near the bottom: _ _ Alpha _ _
Alla's notes near the top: _ _ _ Zeta _
Khan's notes just above #2: _ _ _ _ Eta

Put them all together in order and you get: Kappa Theta Alpha Zeta Eta.

100% Achievement Guide:
Written By FordGT90Concept

Very basic guide how to get all of the achievements.

If you finish the game once, you'll have these:

In at the deep end - Finish sequence 1.
Security measures - Finish sequence 2.
First contact - Finish sequence 3.
I've seen things you people wouldn't believe - Finish sequence 4.
Breaking point - Finish sequence 5.
Leadership - Finish sequence 6.

These achievements are contextual. Usually if you get one, you can't get the other. 
You can reload the sequence to switch it. These may not be 100% accurate.

Trust - Marc removed the restraint.
Caution - Marc left the restraint alone.
Friendship is magic - Alla says Gabriel is her friend.
Keeping it professional - Alla says maybe later to Gabriel's friendship.

These are broken down by choices:

Restraint removed, Teng dodged

Big Pharma - Teng brokers deal: freedom for cure.
The bigger life form - Teng lets Gabriel leave with no cure.
Law & Order - Teng stuns Gabriel with no cure.

Restraint removed, Teng stood ground

Green giant - Alla volunteers to test the cure.
Distributed risk - Alla tells Gabriel to test the cure on the public.
Personal responsibility - Alla tells Gabriel to leave.

Restraint stayed
Not without me - Marc stuns Gabriel.
Red letter day - Marc walks way.

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