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  Hints and Tips for: Remember Me 
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 Remember Me Cheats

Remember Me

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Dropping L-Bombs" achievement:
You will unlock the Logic Bomb S-Pressen (special move) automatically while playing 
through the story. At the beginning of Episode 7, there will be a lot of enemies, 
which is a great location to get the "Dropping L-Bombs" achievement. Customize your
longest combo, and incorporate as many Cooldown and Chain Pressen as possible (purple
and blue buttons). After triggering the first bomb, quickly perform this combo to cool
down your S-Pressen, then use it again. If you have obtained the Focus Boost 
collectibles, you should have at least one bonus Focus slot at this point in the game.
This will allow you to trigger a new S-Pressen quickly, without having to attack a lot
of enemies.

Easy "Leader Of The Pack" achievement:
In Episode 7, you must fight two Mourners at the same time. They will summon smaller 
enemies who fight for them (sidekicks). You cannot kill any of the small enemies or 
else you will not get the "Leader Of The Pack" achievement. However, attacking them 
is necessary. You need to power-up and use your Sensen DOS to make the Mourners 
vulnerable to your attacks. Before the fight, create a short combo with only Power 
and Chain Pressen. Use this combo against the Mourners to inflict a lot of damage 
quickly. You should also create a combo with Cooldown Pressen. Use it against the 
sidekicks to cool down your Sensen DOS. Keep doing this, and only attack one of the
Mourners. If you accidentally kill one of the sidekicks, you can restart the checkpoint
and try again.

Easy "Out Of The Friend Zorn" achievement:
You will encounter the first Zorn at the end of Episode 3. This enemy cannot be missed,
as it is a mini-Boss. You can only damage it with your Spammer weapon. Keep shooting 
the Zorn's arms as quickly as possible. After both arms have been destroyed, the Zorn 
will start using shockwaves. Aim at the Zorn and evade the shockwaves, then shoot the 
glowing spot on its chest. Next, you will just need to complete a simple mini-game 
requiring you to press three random buttons at the correct time. Successfully complete
the battle in under two minutes to get the "Out Of The Friend Zorn" achievement.

Easy "Rust In Peace" achievement:
Towards the end of Episode 6, you will reach a long corridor with a glowing, blue line
in the the middle. This is after the room where you see Dr. Quaid and have to fight his
henchmen and robots. As you progress through the corridor, you will see a damaged Zorn 
robot on the left. Simply shoot it to get the "Rust In Peace" achievement.

Steam achievements:
Submitted by: MMazid07

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. 
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", 
"View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Script Kiddie           - Finish the game in Script Kiddie Mode.
Errorist Agent          - Finish the game in Errorist Agent Mode.
MemHunter Elite         - Finish the game in Memory Hunter Mode.
I Know Kung Fu          - Equip 17 Pressens at least once in your Combos.
Float Like A Butterfly  - Beat Kid X-Mas in under 5 minutes without dying.
You Missed Me           - Dodge a Skinner's charge five times in a row.
The Wheat and the Chaff - Beat Madame without hitting any of her clones.
Leader of the Pack      - Beat a Mourner without beating its supporting sidekicks.
Out of the Friend Zorn  - Beat a Zorn in under 120 seconds.
The Fallen              - Make 50 Leapers fall off walls.
It's All in the Details - Find all Mnesist memories.
I Do like Spam!         - Finish 15 Enforcers off with the Spammer.
Machines Do It Better   - Use the Sensen RIP to make robots knock 20 human enemies out.
Fury Lover              - Reach x14 with the Sensen Fury.
Fuzzy Logic             - Hit 5 enemies at once with a Logic Bomb while they are 
                          stunned by the Sensen DOS.
The Shield is Down!     - Destroy 20 Heavy Enforcer shields.
Fiat Lux!               - Beat 15 Stranglers without using the Sensen DOS.
You Focus               - Find all Focus Boosts.
Gotta Patch them all!   - Find all SAT Patches.
Pest Control            - Find all Scaramechs.
Droning by Numbers      - Get hit 5 times by a drone during a playthrough, on any 
                          given difficulty.
God is a DJ             - Find and activate all interactions in all memory remixes.
Unbelievable Truth      - Reach all memory bugs in all memory remixes.
Mix'em All              - Land 10 Combos that combine the four different Pressen types.
Queen of the Hill       - Survive the entire Leaking Brain assault (episode 3) without 
                          using Power or Regen Pressens.
Can't touch This        - Defeat 5 Elite Enforcers without using Combos or Spammer attacks.
Dropping L-Bombs        - Trigger two Logic Bombs in less than 15 seconds.
8-hit Wonder            - Perform 40 8-hit Combos.
Serve the Servant       - Beat 20 robot enemies.
400                     - Beat 400 enemies.
Lord of the Ring        - Beat 15 enemies by making them fall off a platform.

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