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  Hints and Tips for: Remnant: From the Ashes 
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 Remnant: From the Ashes Cheats

Remnant: From the Ashes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Secret Void armor:
Reach Rhom and explore until you locate the Monolyth building. Check the walls behind 
the building entrance to find a series of 10 symbols -- there are five different symbols
marked in chalk. This will be your solution to the randomly generated Monolyth puzzle. 
It is recommended to take a picture so you remember the solution. The first 9 symbols 
marked on the wall each match a direction. The 10th final symbol is the last spot you 
need to stand on. Enter the Monolyth and look on the stone in the center. This stone 
will show you which direction each symbol is pointing. Follow the directions and step 
on all 10 symbols. When the floor panels sink and you get all 10 panels correct, the 
trap will be disabled and the center stone will lower. Go down below and follow the 
path to a kiosk where you can purchase the Void armor for 500 (Helmet), 1,250 (Armor),
and 750 (Boots). The Void armor is a special heavy armor set that gives you a damage 
buff every time you take damage. With all three pieces equipped, you will get a +12% 
damage buff for 13 seconds, and it can stack up to three times.

Can you play in Co-op?:
The answer is YES. Remnant: From the Ashes is an action shooter three-player co-op 
game. Players can, of course, play the game as a single-player but it is highly 
recommended that you invest and jump in the game by playing with other people or 
better yet your friends since the game highlights various equipment that focuses 
on teamwork. As mentioned, the maximum capacity to create a team is up to three 
players only but you can still play it on your own or in duos.

Boss Variations:
There are two types of bosses that you can encounter as you travel to different 
realms, the following are:

-=Dungeon Boss=- 
this type of boss is considered as a mini-boss which are superior, stronger versions 
of an elite enemy. Dungeon bosses have a high amount of health, a set of attacks, 
and have special passive or active abilities. To identify if you are about to enter 
an arena for a dungeon boss, youíll find the entrance of the arena will be engulfed 
in fog and a checkpoint. Upon entering the arena, the battle will begin.
-=World Boss=- 
World bosses are considered as the main bosses of the game, currently, there is no 
confirmation on how these bosses are encountered but it is safe to assume that these 
bosses may appear during an event or at the end of it, upon nearing the completion 
of a realm.

Leto's Amulet (Secret Item):
Written by Torva

I don't know if its a specific sewer seeing as how maps are generated differently, 
but in one of them there is a wall that has, "Only The Penitent Man May Pass" written 
on it.

If you crouch walk and walk under the words the wall will fade away and behind it 
is Leto's amulet. (Not 100% sure if its the same item each time but i would assume 

I had a feeling there was a secret here because it was the end of a hallway and it 
literally says PASS on it. I tried running into the wall before crouching and got no 
where. After shooting around on the wall i noticed the bullets actually go through 
the bottom section rather than making contact, so i crouched my way in and got a new 
gift. :) Not sure if anyone has found this one yet since i didn't google it, but 
it's probably been found already. Good luck everyone on your adventures, hope ya' 
find it soon. ;)

The amulet stats are "Reduces Armor Encumbrance by 40% and Stamina cost by 10%"

Description: Leto always wanted answers, wanted to understand what the hell was 
happening. They say his strength came from all his questions on his back.

How to Deal with Adds and Manage Game Difficulty:
Written by Thiadon

Seeing lots of people struggling to deal with the adds, and yes, it can be crazy 
in some fights, particularly the three pillars fight. That said, I've beaten every
boss repeatedly so I thought I'd start a thread offering suggestions on how to deal
with the adds. These are just a few tips on strategies I've noticed that help.

1.Learn the boss: The first couple times with the boss, you're likely to wipe, 
  that's okay. Try to survive long enough to learn the boss mechanics, and when 
  the boss is summoning add waves.

2.Prioritize adds: You usually have a few seconds to kill off the adds before 
  they get close to you. Use it wisely to kill the adds before they get close.

3.Prioritize exploding adds: Be aware that some adds will explode, learn which is 
  which. You need to either kill them before they get close, or roll-dodge away 
  before they explode. If you kill them at range they often take out the other 
  adds in the process.

4.Spatial awareness #1: Roll dodge away from other adds, not into them.

5.Spatial awareness #2. Get used to panning your camera around, my one real gripe, 
  given the lack of mobility and number of adds, is the positioning of your character 
  on-screen and camera angles. This should really have a Shadow of War third-person 
  view option. It's often difficult to know when something is behind you, so get   
  used to watching your back, and be sure to watch the back of your co-op partners.

6.Hunter's Mark: Get hunters mark if you're really struggling. It lets you see adds 
  through walls so you know where they're coming from. You also crit more, which is 

7.Keep moving: You should constantly be moving toward new positions during the fight, 
  standing still is a good way to die. Use the arena to your advantage.

8.Gear up: Make sure that your armor rating matches your weapon rating. Your highest-
  ranked item will determine the difficulty settings.

9.Be aware if you're ready for the area: The first time you enter a new area, check 
  your character sheet advanced stats. At the bottom of the sheet, it will tell you 
  how your weapons and armor compare to the difficulty of the zone. If you have a 
  diamond in both, you should be okay. If you are under-geared, then you can gear 
  up and come back. Once the difficulty for the area is set, it stays that way until
  you re-roll the campaign, so you can overgear difficult fights.

10.Rattle Weed: If all else fails, you can get the Rattle Weed weapon mod by killing 
   Shroud (an optional boss) on Earth. If he didn't spawn in any of your Earth dungeons,
   go back to Ward 13, go to the crystal, go to World Settings, and re-roll your campaign 
   until you get him. Rattle weed will draw all of the adds and the boss to it, charges 
   quickly, and has reasonable health and duration after the recent buff. 
   It makes dealing with the adds so much easier.

-=In Short=-
Difficulty for each new area has a minimum gear score, and is set based on the highest 
level item you own. You can check how your gear compares to the area at the bottom of 
your advance stats on your character sheet.

Materials drops are set based on the average of all items you own, and each tier of iron 
unlocks at each +5.

Edit: When you re-roll your campaign at the Ward 13 stone under World Options, you can 
choose difficulty (normal, hard, nightmare), if you're struggling, best to set it to 
Normal. But be aware that zone minimum difficulties will then be scaled up to your 
current highest-level item.

How to Beat Dreamer:
Written by Morio

-=Phase #1=-
Doc oc, just shoot him in the face, dodge roll his aerial assault attack - ground slam x2 
- sweeping attack. He will also do a cyclone attack which pulls you into him but I've never
taken damage.

-=Phase #2=-
The fun part. Okay so this part the health is extremely high and you are unable to kill 
it by any normal means (unless you a glitchy boi and figured something out to do insane 
damage). So the boss is going to shoot six orbs at you which you can honestly just sprint 
out of the way.

Sometimes they like to track you and you will have to dodge it. Moving on. When you see 
the boss start to do a little twirl its going to teleport you/someone into a shadow realm. 
There is going to be a portal inside this room. 

Very Important: the person in this realm needs to kill adds, you will get a stacking buff 
for every enemy killed. Pop a bloodwort and a frenzy potion to sustain life as you will 
take constant damage but its small enough for the bloodwort potion to give you an edge. 
Kill as much as you want but do not die. 

Once you get your stacks, leave via the portal and light that boss up. It will target 
you with the six orbs so dont get hit. Once you do enough damage the boss will be 
staggered and its chest will open up leaving the boy open for attack and thats its 
weak point. Only the buffed player will do significant damage, so if you are playing 
with others have them on add clear.

New Game+ mode:
Successfully complete the story and defeat the final boss. Once the final boss is defeated, 
return to Ward 13 and activate the Red Stone. You will then have the option to increase the 
difficulty and Reroll at this location. Rerolling will reset the world and make it much 
more difficult. Elite enemies are much more likely to spawn, regular enemies will be more 
difficult, and Lumenite Crystals will drop more commonly. Lumenite Crystals are special 
rare items that you can use to craft/upgrade Boss weapons. Boss weapons are special weapons 
that drop from bosses, and can be acquired by defeating bosses using alternate methods. 
Lumenite Crystals can also upgrade your Dragon Heart charges. You can get an unlimited 
number of charges by replaying New Game+ and collecting Simulacrum and Lumenite Crystals.

Hidden SMG and XP bonus trait:
To find the secret SMG weapon and Elder Knowledge trait, which gives a bonus to XP earned, 
find all the hidden areas around Ward 13. This can be done at the start of the game. After 
your first teleport, a keycard will appear on a nearby table. Grab it to access multiple 
rooms. Go down to Floor B2, and use the keycard to unlock the door. Grab the Tome Of 
Knowledge on the table. Go down the hallway. Use the Tape Recorder through the second door 
to get the Elder Knowledge trait. The Fuse is located through the third door. Go down to 
Floor B3, and use the fuse on the fusebox. Follow the hall, and unlock the door ahead with 
the keycard. Go left and reach the red door to find another Tome Of Knowledge. Shut off 
the fusebox, and return to the central hub room. The large fan will now be off. Jump 
through the fan and collect the Ward 13 Master Key. Go back to Floor B2, and take a right 
down the hallway. Proceed until you reach a red room ó- take the stairs up to a locked door. 
Use the Master Key to unlock it and find the SMG inside.

Hidden amulet:
Go to the first Sewers dungeon, one of the randomly-generated dungeons on Earth, located 
before the first boss. At the end of the dungeon, you may find a message written in white 
paint on one of the walls ó- "Only the Penitent Man Shall Pass." This is a reference to 
the Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade movie. This is the first trial Indiana Jones must 
face in the Grail Temple at the end of the movie. To solve the trap, simply crouch to make 
an illusory wall disappear. Crawl under to find the rare "Leto's Amulet" item. Equip it to 
lower your Armor Encumbrance by 40% and Stamina Cost by 10%.

Easy Hardcore Mode walktrough:
Written by philip

This guide will help you to complete the main campaign of Remnant: from the Ashes 
in the hardcore mode. There are some great rewards for doing so and it is not extremely
hard, but a small mistake can mess you up bad.

This will earn you following items: Provisioner Ring, Akari War Band, Ring of supremacy 
and the Nightmare Spiral. As well as the Band of accord. You will also get the high five 
emote ??
These are account bound items so you will be able to use them on all your characters even 
if your hardcore character ends up dying later. All of these besides the Nightmare Spiral 
and Band of accord can also be acquired by playing the adventure mode on hardcore mode. 
Sadly, this wonít give you any steam achievements.

-=What is Hardcore mode exactly?=-
Hardcore Mode requires you to create a new character and set it to Hardcore Mode. Once the 
character is created you will not be able to re-spawn if you die. This means that if you are 
killed in either the open world or boss fights your character will be permanently dead.
If you have a Co-Op buddy, he can help you up after getting knocked down. But he wonít be 
able to revive you at a stone/crystal.

When you are close to dying you can Alt+F4 the game but the game will notice that and wonít 
give you the Nightmare spiral at the end.

You can also try to save file cheese, but I heard the game will also give you an ďinvalid exitĒ 
that ends up not giving you the final reward. Apparently, there are people who successfully 
did cheese it though but if you want to do that this is not the right guide.

-=Recommendations and Tips=-
I recommend that you completed the campaign before a few times. Having defeated every boss 
before and knowing the areas is very useful.
And itís also great to have a Co-Op player to help you out. But itís also possible alone. 
In fact, its better to play it alone then with someone that never played the game before.
If you are far into the campaign and have to face a boss you donít feel comfortable with 
use a different character and try to find the boss in adventure mode and learn the fight 
until you feel like there is no way you die.

Watching YouTube videos for fights is also vey useful. It is easy to find a good video for 
every difficult boss fight.

I always posted a recommended Gear Score to every world boss, so you can go back to Ward 13 
before the fight and try to reach that level. I based on the zone levels, but I wonít get 
deeper into that. If you are not able to get to that level it is not a big deal. 
Its is more important to level up your

I would go for the Hunter class and later switch out the Hunting Rifle for the Sniper Rifle. 
You can keep the repeater pistol for the entire run or get yourself the submachine gun in
ward 13. Try leveling up vitality and endurance. It makes a big difference.

For mods buy yourself Hot shot from Ace in ward 13 for your rifle. Use the Dog summon if 
you have it for your secondary. If you dont have it its not a big deal. Just get something 
you like for that slot.

With this build you can keep your distance and do a lot of damage especially for weak spots.

-=quick word before the Walkthrough=-
I did not want to go into every single detail here since it really isnít needed. Basically, 
itís doing the same as in a normal playthrough. I split it up in all the worlds you need 
to visit but a strategy for every boss isnít included. If you want more detail for s
omething you can always message me about it or write a comment.

-=Earth world 1=-
First you will find the Sunken Passage with Gorefist as a boss of the Hidden Sanctum with 
Shroud. Gorefist is a lot harder for most people. There is also a small change you will 
get LETOS lab and get to face Riphide.

Make sure to pick up the Sniper Rifle in the basement of the church since it is an amazing 
weapon. Feel free to keep playing with the Hunting Rifle although I donít think its as good 
as the Sniper.

Second boss Mangler can easily be skipped if you donít take the Tangled Pass. Same goes if 
you run into humans in the cutthrough channel that attack you. Facing Brabus is not needed 
normally. But there is a small change you canít avoid him on some maps.

As the world boss you will have to face Singe or The Ent. Both are in my opinion very easy 
on normal difficulty. The reward for one killing one of them itís he Provisioner Ring. 
(Gear score 5 recommended)

-=Rhom world 2=-
This world sadly is way less predictable than Earth. You will have to face 1-2 dungeon 
bosses and one world boss. Also, there are quite a few places to fall into the void here
which results in instant game over. Be especially careful when entering the Lair of the 
Eyeless. I had friends dying there in survival mode after they jumped through a window 
that led into the void.

If you get the Maul (the Doggo) as a boss you can walk passed him without fighting.

Scourge is probably the hardest boss in this world, sometimes he can be skipped by going 
another way but not always.

The world boss will be The Harrow or Clavinger. Make sure not to doge roll out of the 
map against Clavinger. Reward= Akari War Band. (Gear score 8 recommended)

So now there will be the hardest part of the whole Run, killing the Undying King. Fighting 
him allows you to skip Corsus. Make sure to have a solid strategy before going into the fight. 
(Gear score 12 recommended)

Its best to watch a YouTube video for before this fight.

-=Corsus world 3 (optional)=-
If you want, you can use it to level up a bit before facing the Undying King by choosing to 
go along with the Kingís deal. But facing Ixilis is not recommended. Its way to easy to fall
of the bridge.

You can get the Empowering Loop by killing Ixilis but itís easier to kill the Unclean one 
after the campaign in adventure mode.

-=Yaesha world 4=-
This world its he most confusing and I donít have much to say. The map is very differnt 
every time you play it. But here are some small hints that might help you.

* An area that you should avoid is he the Radiant Tomb. It is hard and does not 
  help you progress.
* The world boss Ravanger can be skipped by solving the Bell puzzle.
* Donít roll off the edge in the Totem Father fight.

Reward for defeating a world boss here is Ring of supremacy.
(Gear score 12 for world bosses recommended)

-=Final Boss
Actually, very easy, just make sure that you know how the fight works exactly. I recommend
that you always drink a Bloodward after getting teleportet to the shadow realm and always 
leave the shadow realm after the big guys start spawning. Use hot shot on him after leaving 
the shadow realm, it does extra damage to him since he is a root enemy. 
(Gear score 15 recommended)

This should earn you the Nightmare Spiral and the high five emote.

Getting The Climber Trait:
When playing a new game-slot or character, it is possible to unlock the ĎCLIMBERí trait 
very early.

To achieve this, just keep jumping or rolling over the first road-barrier which appears 
after the character has jumped down from the building-floor and has warded-off the two 
unwelcoming Root.

Youíd have to do this at least 50 times.

If you ignore the first barrier, there are 3 further opportunities along the way to the Ward.

Sandsack-piles also do the job.

If you ignore all opportunities during the intro, the only way to achieve the trait eary 
would be in the EARTH-world, shortly after leaving the Founderís Hideout.

Itís a good thing to have at the very beginning of the game and youíll not have to bother 
about it whilst entering the main-campaign.

Easy Guide to Untouchable Achievement:
Written by Ystlum

* In offline mode, proceed through Yaesha until encountering the world boss.
* If this is not the wolf, start over.
* If it is the wolf, play the bell tune.
* Speak to the wolf, he will give you a ring and for the purpose of the achievement is 
  classed as defeated.
* If not already acquired this will also give you the Defeat the Wolf of the Woods achievement.

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