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  Hints and Tips for: Risk of Rain Returns 
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 Risk of Rain Returns Cheats

Risk of Rain Returns

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlock Characters and Abilities Through Save File (Cheat Mode):
Written by UnknownDisplay

The game is fun but sometimes confusing and frustrating to unlock things. Instead 
of trying to find something in one particular map for a couple hours, you can just 
simply unlock the character with a simple line of words.

-=Locating the File=-
The first thing you will have to do is to navigate to your "save.json" file.

Program File (x86) -> Steam -> Userdata ->1337520 (This folder might be different 
for, just check the last modified date, for example 11/8, which is the games 
release date) -> Remote > "Save.json"

Do note that this will only work when you enter it after "flags" :[

So do a search in the file to find out where your supposed to mess around with.

-=Unlocking Characters=-
To unlock a character, type:

* “challenge_unlock_characters name_completed”,

-=Mechanic (Engineer)=-













-=Unlocking Abilities=-
To unlock alternative abilities, the concept is similar.

The first ability (primary ability) is z, 
second ability (secondary ability) is x, 
third ability (utility ability) is c, 
fourth ability (special ability) is v.

-=Mechanic (Engineer)=-













You can also use this concept to unlock skin variations, artifacts, 
and achievements.

-====How to Unlock All Artifacts====-

-=Artifact of Sacrifice=-
Chests no longer spawn; monsters now drop items on death.


-=Artifact of Command=-
Items are no longer random.


-=Artifact of Honor=-
Enemies always spawn as elites.


-=Artifact of Kin=-
Only one enemy type spawns per stage.


-=Artifact of Distortion=-
Lock a random skill every minute, but skills have decreased cooldowns.


-=Artifact of Spite=-
Enemies explode on death.


-=Artifact of Glass=-
Deal 500% damage, but have 10% health.


-=Artifact of Enigma=-
Spawn with a random equipment that changes every time it’s activated.


-=Artifact of Spirit=-
Characters run faster at lower health.


-=Artifact of Origin=-
Imps invade the map every 10 minutes.


-=Artifact of Prestige=-
At least one Shrine of the Mountain spawns every stage. 
Shrine of the Mountain effects are permanent.


-=Artifact of Cognation=-
Enemies create a temporary clone on death.


-=Artifact of Dissonance=-
Monsters can appear outside their usual environments.


-=Artifact of Tempus=-
Items are worth multiple stacks. All items are temporary.


Engineer’ Starting Items List:
Written by CanvasK

* Prophet’s Cape is great on everyone, including turrets. Toss in some Hermit 
  Scarfs for more dodging. Tough Times for when they can’t dodge.
* Repulsion Armor is a great first red.
* Time Keeper’s Secret is not super necessary, but comes in handy since turrets 
  get a fresh one each time they are placed. When you become god and can’t think
  of much else to get, stack them–turrets will eventually get regularly assaulted 
  by Overloading Worms and Wander Vagrants, stacked TKS will give you time to 
  reposition and take shots at them.
* Gasoline and Will-o’-the-wisp for collateral.
* Barbed Wire, Frost Relic, and Chargefield Generator to help with Jellyfish and 
  other monsters that get in. Fire Shield and Scorching Shell Piece for similar 
  reasons that are more Parent or Sand Crab shaped. Toxic Centipede and Spikestrip
  can join if they want.
* A smattering of healing items so that you and the turrets can heal it a variety 
  of situations. Bustling Fungus is for the odd downtime, Mu Construct for consistent
  TP healing when enemies aren’t in range, etc.
* Paul’s Goat Hoof and Red Whip to both loot and activate the TP fast and to get 
  yourself out of danger while you wait for turret cooldown.
* Concussion Grenade, Prison Shackles, and Taser to keep enemies from getting in. 
  Permafrost may also be handy.
* AtG Missile to deal with enemies out of range or to get them as they spawn. Get 
  10 of these for 100%. With enough attack speed, missiles will be proc’d faster 
  than they can be fired so they will be delayed and continuously go for out of 
  range and newly spawned enemies (sit back and enjoy the fireworks).
* Soldier’s Syringe and other attack speed items (20 is a decent amount). The more
  often you hit, the faster enemies die. And the more often you hit the more often
  you proc, which means you can put less priority in stacking on-hits for 100%.

Speaking of, aim for at least 1 of each (offensive) on-hit item. They all proc at 
different times, so the more you have the more extra damage opportunities you get.

Items related to gold are useless on turrets. They don’t benefit from Golden Gun 
and gold from Razor Penny, Life Savings, and Smart Shopper just goes to you.

If you manage to get all of this, you’re probably at least an hour in and a god. 
So just grab whatever is fun.

For reds I stacked Laser Turbine, but mainly to have a lightshow from 3 rapid fire 
lasers. The Ol’ Lopper will speed up killing. Wicked Ring to restock on turrets. 
inb4 someone says Dio’s Best Friend is bad because you shouldn’t use it because if 
you used it that means you died and that means skill issue, log off, etc.–we’re 
here to have fun and to me fun is doing stupid stuff in a 3 hour run and I’m not 
going to let a horde of 30 Volatile Lynx Totems taking cheap shots stop me from 
doing that; get a Dio’s if you want.

How to Customize Your Language Files:
Written by CallMeDoc

A detailed guide on the language files for Risk Of Rain Returns, their syntax, 
and how to create your own.

This guide intends to outline pretty much everything that can be edited by the 
language file, and to be used as a resource.

however, i will be assuming you know the basics of file management and have some 
form of image editor, as if you don’t, please just use google and get those.

-=File Structure=-
There are 3 components to the language file, the icon, name, and the language 
file itself. These are separated into icon.png, name.txt, and lang.json respectively.

icon.png is a VERY small flag by default, but it can be changed to whatever you 
want. However, make sure to size the image down, unless you want this to happen:

note: I am using my own language file[] i use for personal use. 
Yes this is a plug.

name.txt is quite simple: the name of your language file in game. The folder your 
language file is contained it does quite literally nothing for you in game, so i’d
suggest naming it whatever you please.
and finally: lang.json. if you dont know what a .json file is, it is basically a 
fancy text file, and you can open it with notepad (which i do, sue me.)

lang.json is a BIG file, so for this section i will be listing the exact lines 
in which 95% of your edits will take place:

13-19: various invulnerability text
22-29: objectives (small text above your hud)
113-122: difficulty text
478-486: main menu text
509-519: death / victory screen
528-539: options menu text
701-726: lobby text (minus character specific, we’ll get there.)
984-1920: ROR1 items
1930-2113: Returns items
2115-2133: CHEF meals
2182-2225: Artifacts
2229-2343: Interactables
2443-2475: Stages
2521-2551: boss names + text
2569-2573: Lynx names + text
2583: Kin boss title
2593-2601: elite prefixes
2616-2651: Commando Skills
2653-2692: Enforcer Skills
2695-2729: Bandit Skills
2732-2761: Huntress Skills
2765-2802: HAN-D Skills
2805-2838: Engineer Skills
2841-2870: Miner Skills
2873-2910: Sniper Skills
2913-2942: Acrid Skills
2944-2979: Merc Skills
2982-3015: Loader Skills
3018-3073: CHEF Skills
3080-3109: Pilot Skills
3115-3146: Artificer Skills
3149-3182: Drifter Skills
3214-3361: Leave Quotes
3392-3397: Difficulty
3691-3729: Death Quotes
3733-3776: Friendly imp text (unsure if this works, may be multiplayer exclusive/unimplemented)
3778-3788: Providence Diolauge

If you’ve had any amount of time in RoRR, then you’ll notice some text in special colors. 
There’s a lot of them, and maybe some I don’t know about, so leave a comment if you find 
any not mentioned here.

*  white
*  blue
*  black

pink * green * yellow * orange * rainbow; takes a base color from anything before it, ignores /c * clears color from text


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