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  Hints and Tips for: Saints Row 2 
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 Saints Row 2 Cheats

Saints Row 2

Cheat Codes:
Pause game play, then access the cell phone. Choose the "Dial" option, then enter
one of the following numbers, including the # symbol, and press "Send". A message 
will confirm correct code entry. Then, go to "Cheats" and select the now unlocked 

Player ability:

Result                 Phone number
Full Health          - #1
Car Mass Hole        - #2
Milk Bones           - #3
Add Police Notoriety - #4
Player Pratfalls     - #5
Infinite Sprint      - #6
Unlimited Clip       - #9
Infinite Ammo        - #11
Heaven Bound         - #12
Add Gang Notoriety   - #35
Never Die            - #36
No Cop Notoriety     - #50
No Gang Notoriety    - #51
I Am Giant           - #200
Itty Bitty           - #201
Give Cash ($1000)    - #2274666399

Dial the Phone Numbers in the phone book.

Result                 Phone number
Repair Car           - #1056
Ambulance            - #1040
Anchor               - #1041
Atlasbreaker         - #1042
Attrazione           - #1043
Backdraft            - #1044
Backhoe              - #1045
Bag Boy              - #1046 	
Baron                - #1047 	
Bear                 - #1048 	
Bootlegger           - #1049 	
Bulldog              - #1050 	
Bulldozer            - #1051 	
Compton              - #1052 	
Eiswolf              - #1053 	
FBI                  - #1054 	
Five0                - #1055 	
Hollywood            - #1057 	
Justice              - #1058 	
Kent                 - #1059 	
Mag                  - #1060 	
Mixmaster            - #1061 	
Mongoose             - #1062 	
Oring                - #1063 	
Phoenix              - #1064 	
Quasar               - #1065 	
Quota                - #1066 	
Rampage              - #1067 	
Raycaster            - #1068 	
Reaper               - #1069 	
Septic Avenger       - #1070 	
Shaft                - #1071 	
Stilwater Municipal  - #1072 	
Superiore            - #1073 	
Taxi                 - #1074 	
The Job              - #1075 	
Titan                - #1076 	
Toad                 - #1077 	
Varsity              - #1078
Venom Classic        - #1079
Vortex               - #1080 	
Zenith               - #1081 	
Horizon              - #711 	
Snipes57             - #712 	
Tornado              - #713 	
Wolverine            - #714 	
Kaneda               - #801 	
Kenshin              - #802 	
Melbourne            - #803 	
Sabretooth           - #804 	
Sandstorm            - #805 	
Widowmaker           - #806 	
Hurricane            - #825 	
Miami                - #826 	
Python               - #827 	
Shark                - #828 	
Skipper              - #829 	


Result                 Phone number	
12 Guage             - #920
44 Shepherd          - #921
AR200                - #922
AR50                 - #923
AR50 Launcher        - #924
AS14                 - #925
Baseball Bat         - #926
Chainsaw             - #927
Fire Extinguisher    - #928
Flamethrower         - #929
Flashbang            - #930
GAL43                - #931
GDHC                 - #932
Grenade              - #933
Holt 55              - #934
K6 Krukov            - #935
Knife                - #936
Machete              - #937
McManus2010          - #938
Minigun              - #939
Molotov              - #940
Nightstick           - #941
NR4                  - #942
Pepper Spray         - #943
Pimp Cane            - #944
Pipe Bomb            - #945
RPG                  - #946
RPG Annihilator      - #947
Samurai Sword        - #948
Satchel              - #949
Shock Paddles        - #950
SKR-9                - #951
Sledgehammer         - #952
Stungun              - #953
T3K Urban            - #954
Tire Iron            - #955
Tombstone            - #956
Vice 9               - #957
XS-2                 - #958
Pimp Slap            - #969


Result               Phone number	
Wrath of God         - #666
Overcast             - #78665
Heavy Rain           - #78666
Light Rain           - #78668
Clear Skies          - #78669
Normal Weather       - #78670


Result                 Phone number
Super Explosions     - #7
Super Saints         - #8
Drunk Pedestrians    - #15
Evil Cars            - #16
Low Gravity          - #18
Pedestrian War       - #19
Raining Pedestrians  - #20
Everybody Get Shrunk - #202
Time Set Noon        - #1200
Time Set Midnight    - #2400

Retailer promotion vehicles:

Result                  Phone number
Gyro Daddy helicopter - #4976
Destroy UFO           - #728237
Peewee mini-bike      - #7266837
Toad ATV              - Complete 10 Hostage Missions.

Service phone numbers:
Pause the game, then access the cell phone. Select "Dial", then enter one 
of the following numbers, and choose "Send" to call the corresponding 

Service              Phone number
Airport            - 5553597
Big Willy's Cab    - 8198415
Bling Bling        - 5554233
Brown Baggers      - 5553765
Cocks              - 5552626
Company of Gyros   - 5554976
Cycles             - 5552453
EagleLine Yellow   - 0180174
Emergency          - 911
Eye for an Eye     - 5555966
Foreign Power      - 5552046
Forgive and Forget - 5554448
Freckle Bitch's    - 5556328 	
Friendly Fire      - 5554867 	
Fire Department    - 5553473 	
Giftshop           - 5557577 	
HazMat             - 5556677 	
Image as Designed  - 5558459 	
Impression         - 5553248 	
Leather and Lace   - 5552662 	
Legal Lee's        - 5559467 	
On The Rag         - 5555926 	
On Thin Ice        - 5552564 	
Police             - 5557973 	
Pimps 'R Us        - 5557467 	
Rim Jobs           - 5553493 	
Rusty's Needle     - 5558287 	
Ship It            - 5557447 	
Spelunkers         - 5552283 	
Suicide Hotline    - 4876837 	
Tee'N'Ay           - 5559866 	
TNA Taxis          - 4558008 	
Ultor Security     - 411 	

Complete the indicated activities or tasks to unlock the corresponding reward.

Brotherhood melee                       - Brotherhood mission 6.
Health regeneration 2x                  - Snatch level 3 in Chinatown.
Health regeneration 3x                  - Snatch level in Chinatown.
Improved weapon accuracy                - Septic Avenger level 3 in suburbs.
Improved weapon accuracy (more)         - Septic Avenger level 6 in suburbs.
Pumped up (increased melee damage)      - Fight Club level 3 in arena.
Pumped up (more increased melee damage) - Fight Club level 6 in arena.
Reduced bullet damage                   - Heli Assault level 3 in Bario.
Ronin melee                             - Ronin mission 6.
Ronin notoriety reduced                 - Drug Trafficking level 3 in hotel and marina.
Sons Of Samedi notoriety reduced        - Snatch level 3 in University.
Sons Of Samedi notoriety reduced (more) - Snatch level 6 in University.
Sprint increased                        - Insurance Fraud level 3 in factories.
Sprint increased (unlimited)            - Insurance Fraud level 6 in factories.

Store Discounts:
Clothing store     - Crowd Control mission 3 in suburbs.
Crib customization - Mayhem level 3 in red light district.

Unlock these Homies by meeting the following requirements:

One follower      - Prologue mission 4.
Two followers     - 25% hood conquered.
Three FOLLOWERS   - 50% hoods conquered. 
Johnny Gat        - Ronin mission 11.
Shaundi           - Sons Of Samedi mission 11.
Tobias            - Sons Of Samedi mission 3.
Vehicle delivery  - Escort level 3 in red light district.
Troy Bradshaw     - Beat Fight Club (Prison Island)
Legal Lee         - Beat part 4 of Fight Club (Prison Island)
Zombie Carlos     - Complete all Brotherhood Missions and call 555-5966
Jane Valderama    - Mug 50 people 

Customization Items:
Avenger jacket           - "3 Gold Star" rank in Gang Kills.
Bodyguards and ninjas    - Progress through the game.
Fireman outfit           - Complete the Firefighter missions. 
Pimp suit                - Complete of Ho-ing Diversion in red light district.
Red Light apartment crib - Prologue mission 2.
Saints hideout           - Prologue mission 3.

Complete the indicated activities or tasks to unlock the corresponding reward.

Akuji's prototype bike              - Ronin mission 11.
Bandit                              - Multiple driving stunts.
Donnie's vehicle                    - Brotherhood mission 2.
Gang customization cars             - 15% hoods conquered.
Gang customization cars (more)      - 45% hoods conquered.
Gang customization cars (even more) - 65% hoods conquered.
Medical helicopter                  - Ronin mission 7.
News helicopter                     - Sons Of Samedi Mission 3.
Ronin vehicles                      - Ronin mission 11.
Saints ambulance                    - Complete all Ambulance missions.
Saints fire truck                   - Complete all Firefighter missions.
Sons of Samedi vehicles             - Sons of Samedi Mission 11.
Tornado Attack Helicopter           - Complete the final mission of the Ultor epilogue.

AR-50 XMAC Special (with grenade launcher) - Complete all Combat Tricks.
Chainsaw                                   - Crowd Control level 6 in hotel and marina.
Flamethrower                               - Mayhem Level 3 in nuclear power plant.
GAL 43                                     - Snatch level 3 in downtown.
Grenades at crib                           - One Hitman list complete.
Kobra pistol                               - Fuzz level 3 in projects.
Pepper spray                               - Crowd Control level 3 in hotel and marina.
Satchel Charges at crib                    - Three Hitman lists complete.
Shock paddles                              - Complete all Ambulance missions.
X2 Ultimax shotgun                         - Drug trafficking level 3 in airport.
Unlimited pistol ammo                      - Fuzz level 6 in projects.
Unlimited rifle ammo                       - Complete all Hitman lists.
Unlimited SMG ammo                         - Snatch level 6 in downtown.

Enter Any Vehicle Instantly:
To enter any vehicle in the game instance, you must first get on top of the vehicle
(most easily accomplished with cars, and more difficult with other vehicles but still
possible). Simply hit triangle to enter the vehicle as you normally would and you 
will instantly be inside the driver's seat. Works on unoccupied and occupied vehicles.

Secret Island:
I found it by going to the lighthouse and looking off in the direction the lighthouse 
door is facing. There's a rock formation out at sea that you can take any watercraft 
to right to that island. Once there, find the waterfall, go behind it and you'll see 
a statue with the volition logo on it. 

3 Star Throwing:
Go to the Old Roller Mansion and find a person walking by the cliff. Go to the person 
and throw them off the d the cliff. You should get the 3 stars and the achievement, if
you haven't gotten it yet.

Easter Bunny:
Follow the arrows that start on Ruins Island. Ruins Island is close to Super Secret
Island, with the Volution Easter Egg on it. You will start at Ruins Island. Then an
arrow points to Lookout Island, then to a small unnamed island, then to another small
island with an "X" on it. Get on it, and you will be teleported to a ring of arrows 
pointing to a floating Easter Bunny. 

Defeating Maero:
To defeat Maero the first time on top of his hideout, hit him once with an RPG. When 
scoring a direct hit, he will go on one knee and stay down. You can then shoot him 
until he is defeated. If he gets up, just shoot him again. To finish off Maero in the
arena, use some of the rockets to blow up all the trucks except for his. Use extra 
rifle ammunition to shoot his Monster Truck.

Easy Snatch activities:
For easy completion of Snatch activities, use a Bear (the Police APC). It is virtually 
impossible to stop once moving because it is nearly invulnerable. It can drive over 
smaller cars and pickups, the chaingun has unlimited ammunition. It holds three 

Defeating Mr. Sunshine:
To kill Mr. Sunshine in the factory, use a rocket on his voodoo doll to knock him down
and cause damage. Hit the doll once to break his shield. You can then shoot him until 
he reaches the bottom floor. 
Note: If he completes his ritual with the voodoo doll, it will send you flying and do
lots of damage.

Working out:
While in the prison yard, allow your character to idle for about one minute without 
moving the Left Analog-stick. He will walk over to a location and start curling a pair
of dumbbells. He will continue to do so until you move him again.

Mutant Fish:
On the southern coast of the nuclear waste island, where you pick up the waste for
the brotherhood mission, swim in the pool of toxic waste to find a two-headed fish
swimming around.

Blow-up doll:
Go north from the lighthouse on the prison island. You will reach a large sewer pipe 
that will have graffiti on the sides. Go into the pipe to find a blow-up doll on a 
very dirty mattress. Note: It will disappear after awhile.

Walk onto a dock and remain idle for a short amount of time. Your character will 
walk up to the edge, take out a fishing rod, and begin to fish.

Have homies follow you in a different car:
Get three homies then find a car that only holds two people. Get in the car and one 
of the homies will get in with you. If you wait, your other two homies will find a 
car and follow you. Note: This also works with motorcycles.

Easy money:
Find and store a few armored trucks in your garage. When they are destroyed they 
will respawn in your garage again. Blow a truck up and you should get a decent amount
of money. After collecting the money, go back to your garage and get the truck again.
It may cost $600 for repairs but you should get at least $1,000 for destroying one.

Easter Egg: Wacky Islands:
From the prison, head west / northwest and you'll come to an uncharted island. Follow
the arrow that appears on the island until you get to the 4th island. As you land on 
the island, it will disappear and you see a giant Easter Bunny come up out of the 
water. Do the same thing as above but, when you get to the first island, turn around
and go south. You'll find another secret island. Climb up on the rock with the opening
before the island and look to the west in the water and you'll see a baby Loch Ness 
Monster briefly. Further to the south you'll find another island with dinosaur bones.
Even more to the south you'll find Shipwreck Cove Island.

Extra Firepower at the Start:
When first breaking out of prison you'll follow Carlos. Once outside, just grab the
nearest nightstick and kill all the guards. This will give you shotgun ammo, assault
rifle ammo, and pistol ammo. If you are lucky you may obtain a stun gun.

On one of Stillwater's beaches, you can find a skeleton lying on a beach chair 
wearing a pirate hat and a wooden sword. 

Person falling into grave:
Go to the Mourning Woods cemetery in the Suburbs Expansion District. There are two 
graves that have not been filled in. Find the one that is ready for a fresh burial.
Stand and stare at it for awhile. You will see a man drop from the sky and land in 

Pedestrian suicide:
There is a pedestrian standing over the edge on top of the tallest building. This 
is the big orange building that reads "Ultor" and has a slanted roof. He or she 
will say a quick line like "Good bye cruel world" or "This world sucks" before 
leaping to his or her death.

Easy paintball mask:
Go to the mall. Enter to the outfit shop and buy the slasher outfit. Then, go to 
your wardrobe. Take off everything and you will have the paintball mask. 
Note: You cannot change the color of the mask.

Jackass reference:
The Knoxville is a reference to Johnny Knoxville, who drove a golf cart around a 
golf course until they flipped it. 

Red Faction: Guerilla reference:
In the Museum Of Flight in the Museum District, go upstairs all the way then walk 
down the skywalk here. Note: You also have to go here for a Ronin mission. Once up
here, walk around looking up at the ceiling. Eventually you will see a ship model 
up on the ceiling. This is a model EDF ship, the "Assault Aircraft - AAX" built by 
Ultor and to be used in the upcoming Red Faction: Guerilla game.

Easy way to shake off notoriety:
There is an easy way to shake off both cop and gang notoriety just by simply car 
jacking a vehicle with a passenger and enabling the "hostage diversion" and stopping
the vehicle allowing the hostage to escape. When the hostage leaves, both cop and 
gang notoriety will instantly disappear.

Blow-up doll:
You can find a blow up doll drifting around in a waste dump on the Nuclear District.

Easy money:
To get easy money, rip out all parking meters and newspaper boxes you can find to get
a few dollars. It takes a long time but all the saved money will be worth it some day.

Cheat code reference:
In the cinematic that occurs by waiting at the menu screen, one of the commercials 
features a man jumping around and talking about money. The phone number at the bottom
of the screen is for the "Give $1.000" cheat code.

"Two Girls One Cup" reference:
Go to the mall. Go to the store at the end named "Let's Pretend". The opposite side of
the store will have a sign above it. It reads "Two scoops, one cup" referring to the 
web video "Two Girls, One Cup".

Complete the indicated task in an online match to unlock the corresponding badge. 

Ar...:               Play online on September 19th. 
Assassin:            Get $105,000 online. 
Assault and Battery: Get 10 melee kills, excluding the Pimp Slap. 
Brain Surgeon:       Get 100 head shots. 
Burnout:             Killed 10 people with fire. 
Demo Demon:          Drive 10 cars until they explode. 
Dominator:           Get $310,000 online. 
Enforcer:            Get $188,000 online. 
Executioner:         Get $777,000 online. 
Fully Loaded:        Fill all weapon slots. 
Gangsta:             Get $25,000 online. 
Killa:               Get $10,000 online. 
King of Kingpins:    Get $2,200,000 online. 
Kingpin:             Get $1,200,000 online. 
Leadfoot:            Get 2.000 seconds total in first place in racing. 
Mass Murder:         Get 10 Multi-kills. 
New Jack:            Already unlocked. 
No Questions Asked:  Play 10 or more matches with at least 20 kills. 
Nutjob:              Get 100 nutshot kills. 
Original Gangsta:    Play 10 or more matches. 
Party Animal:        Host and win a custom mach. 
Pimp:                Play 20 or more matches. 
Regulator:           5 or more matches with at least $30,000 earned. 
Road Rage:           Kill 150 people by running over them. 
Saint Picasso:       Spray 100 tags. 
Soldier:             Get $55,000 online. 
Team Spirit:         Pimp Slap 10 people. 
Terminator:          Get $502,000 online. 
Thug:                Get $2,500 online. 
Track Star:          Sprint for 3,000 seconds total. 
Trigger Happy:       Fire 100,000 shots. 
Wrecking Crew:       Get 50,000 points of damage in Mayhem/Demo Derby. 

To see what this boat looks like, play through the prologue again. It is the boat that
you and Carlos escape on. In order to obtain this craft, you must fly a helicopter 
(with missile pods) and hit it once or twice. Do not worry about it blowing up. Six
missile hits are needed to set it on fire and seven missile hits are needed to destroy
it, making it one of the strongest vehicles in the game. 
When you enter a Convict your wanted level will go up a lot but it will not add
stars. You will also not lose wanted level while in one. The best place to find
this vehicle is near the prison. There is another version of the craft, but it 
is hard to find. The other version resembles a fishing vessel.

Go to the Fuzz activity in the Projects District. Get to the bank robbery section, 
which should be on level 3, where you have to chase the Titan. Do not blow it up. 
Instead, try to get in front of it and shoot the driver, causing it to stop. Enter
it and get whatever footage you may need, then just take it back to your crib.

The big pink blob:
To the north east of the prison island, there is a small island with an arrow on it 
that points out to sea. If you go in the direction of this arrow, you will come across
another arrow. Follow it, you will find another. After you follow a few more arrows, 
you will come to an open area of sea, where you will encounter a big pink blob rise 
from the sea! The blob is harmless, pointless and will only float on the spot you 
see it surface.

During the second mission, when you destroy the shacks, turn to a wall. You will see
a man walking, then disappear.

Toxic dump secrets:
Go to the south side of the nuclear power plant, where you can see two roads encircling
a green circle on the map. Once there, you will find a toxic waste dump pool. Go inside
to find barrels and cars sunk underneath. Swim over to the caged-off sewer tunnel to 
find blow-up dolls, and one floating around you. Swim around the center and look below
to find two skeletons inside and laying around the rusty cars, and one trapped in a 
picnic bench. There are also some large fish swimming under you which is rarely seen 
unless you are in a secret area such as Volution Island waters. 

Stilwater: Windows XP:
Find a laptop or computer anywhere, such as on a table or on a civilian's lap. Get
a sniper rifle and scope in, or use any gun with which you can see the screen properly.
Notice that the background is the view of a clear ocean with large clouds. 
This is the same default background used on Windows XP computers known as Azul, with
the exception of the island and boat. 

Find yourself on most wanted list:
Go into the police station in the Saints Row District. Enter the building and take 
the first door on the left through the security scanner. After entering into a room
or hallway, look at the wall with the most wanted list and several stands across the 
wall. Look closely at the pictures. You will see a list of your homies and what 
resembles the Brotherhood gang leader on the far left picture. A drawn picture of 
your character will also be there. Note: You may first need to complete the game.

Stilwater: Strange hospital posters:
Get a sniper rifle and go inside Stilwater Memorial Hospital, which is where you spawn
when you die. Look around the walls for a set of posters next to each other, such as 
on the wall to the right as soon as you walk in. Zoom in on the messages and read them.
Half of them have strange messages, such as "Please no: Singing, Dancing, Roller Skating,
Smoking, Fishing". 

Easy money:
* Find and store a few armored trucks in your garage. When they are destroyed they 
will respawn in your garage again. Blow a truck up and you should get a decent 
amount of money. After collecting the money, go back to your garage and get the 
truck again. It may cost $600 for repairs but you should get at least $1,000 for
destroying one.

* To get easy money, rip out all parking meters and newspaper boxes you can find to 
get a few dollars. It takes a long time but all the saved money will be worth it some 

Developer references:
* Go to the "Nobody Loves Me" store at the mall. Scan around the T-shirts on the 
table's racks. Eventually you will find plain white T-shirts folded down with the
Volition symbol on it, and "Volition" written backwards above the logo. 
Note: The T-shirts are not wearable.

* Go to the Stilwater Boardwalk in the Hotels & Marina District. Open your map and
a locate a long building with the "Branded" clothing store and "Charred Hard Burgers"
restaurant on either side of the building. When you get there, look for a wide 
entrance marked "North Shore Marina Super Mall". Go through below it and look to 
the right for a doorway. Continue all the way through the doorway to find a room 
with walls showing the Volition logo, and above it the words "The Game Studio". 
There is also a wide comic poster with the picture of what appears to be one of 
the Volition computer techs holding a gun. Also, if you listen closely or turn 
up the volume, you can hear some sort of jazz music as if it were played 
through an intercom.

Blow-up dolls:
* You can find a blow up doll drifting around in a waste dump on the Nuclear District.

* In the graveyard in the suburbs district, there is a secret tunnel. Once entering the
  graveyard, you will see multiple little buildings with caskets in them. One of the 
  little buildings contains a large hole in the ground. Jump into the hole. Once inside,
  it should be dimly lit with blowup dolls spread across the floor. Once done, proceed 
  to the exit, which is a steel wall. A well placed rocket or multiple hits from a 
  sledgehammer or baseball bat should get you through. When exiting, it should read 
  "Sex Caverns".

Easy Crash Fix (No Mods Required):
Written by K3rhos

Hello guys, this is an easy fix I found some weeks ago, it worked for me and 
some friends, this trick finally fixed the random crashes I had with this poor PC port.

-=The Fix=-
If you use an Nvidia GPU, just open the Nvidia Control Panel:

* Click Manage 3D Settings under 3D Settings.
* Click Program Settings.
* Find Saints Row 2 (sr2_pc.exe).
* Scroll down and select Low Latency Mode.
* Set it to Ultra.
* Now you can restart your game and enjoy it without crashing every 5 minutes.

Sorry to Intel & AMD GPU owners, I don’t know if this fix can be applied, you will 
need to do somes research by yourself.

Note: This guide doesn’t fix the stutter issue the game have, but capping the framerate 
of the game to 30 or 60fps is also recommended.

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