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  Hints and Tips for: Sea Of Fire 
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 Sea Of Fire Cheats

Sea Of Fire
Submitted by: arggg

Easy way to win is build a place to make money and everything else defence turrets.
Make alot of money and destroy your turrets one at a time and build barracks and 
everything else until you have about 3 buildings and send out lots of troops and 
there you go easy win!

Submitted by: RM

Easy win:
When you start a level, make three or four Air Commands and on Barracks or Manu-
facturing Facility (just to have some ground units in order to win). Deploy three
or four (depending on how many Air Commands made) Heavy Bombers and after that, 
some ground units. After the Bombers reach the enemy's base they will cause a large
amount of damage or destroy it. You may have to queue more Bombers if the enemy has
SAM Sites but it often makes up to three so four Bombers would be enough. 
Note: You must have unlocked Aluminum and Silicon in order to make Air Units.

Super password:
Enter 42FFF as a password to get to the last level (only for the New Hope Alliance).

Easy money:
This trick only works when you get access to gold. Build four ATGM Sites on the front
field. Fill in the remaining space with Economic Committee, and continuously raising 
the tax until you have $90,000. If your ATGM gets damaged repair it immediately. 
Demolish your structure when you have enough money. Eventually you can get unlimited

Temple of Snakes:
Submitted by: harun

This cheat is only for the temple of snakes. The code must must be written in capital. 
here it is C3FF7 .


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