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  Hints and Tips for: Silkroad Online 
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 Silkroad Online Cheats

Silkroad Online

Submitted by: *WOJTUR*

When you are in Jangan,go to the westgate and turn right.later turn another right
and you should see so-ok...look for a dark ally n you should see a girl talk to 
her n pay her 2000gold...she will then take you to thief town.

Easy money:
Submitted by: conner54

* To gain money and arrows early in the game, kill the Mangyangs, which drop 
  arrows and money most of the time. If you are not an archer, sell the arrows 
  for 2 gold per arrow.

* During special holiday periods there are special events hosted in-game. During 
  these special events, you can get special items that sell for a very high price,
  such as the following. 

* Special Identity Card (used to be a Hunter): Sells for 440,000 gold at an NPC.
  Black Devil Suit (used to be a Thief): Sells for 440,000 gold at an NPC.
  Red Flag (used to be a Trader): Sells for 440,000 gold at an NPC. 
  Gold Dragon Flag (used to boost your Power): Sells in a stall between 1 to 6 
  million gold.

* Other items from the special event that do not quite sell at the high price as 
  the items above, are as follows. 

* Moving Speed Scroll (increases your speed by 50%): Sells in a stall for about 
  25,000 to 50,000 gold.

* Hit Scroll (increases your hit ratio; meaning that you can hit faster): 
  Sells in a stall for about 20,000 to 40,000 gold.

* Dodging Scroll (increases your dodging ratio): Sells in a stall for about 15,000 
  to 35,000 gold Trigger Scroll (increases your hit and dodging ratio): 
  Sells in a stall for around 45,000 to 60,000.

All the above items can be gained by killing monsters, picking up the Jewel Boxes 
that they may drop, then giving the boxes to an NPC called "So ok". She may give 
you the item that you want. It is purely by chance or luck. 

So ok can be found at the following locations:
Jangan   : Left side of the fountain (which is at the moment a Christmas tree, 
           which will soon change back after the holiday). 
Donwhang : In front of the portal. 
Hotan    : In front of portal.

Silkroad Online Easy Money Get:
Submitted by: alexander

First u gotta go to Jangan (any server) and go to medic NPC and sell all your stuffs 
and then u go to the HORSE stall and if your invt is really clean u can buy an red 
box 4 1 geon whos u can sell 4 5mils.

Silkroad online easy money:
Submitted by: thomas

When your around level 14 go to the lowest level party monster you can kill them easy 
and the drop 1k or items do about a our and you will have 40/50k
thanks to  Sigaret server odin

Submitted by: luis is 174

To get easy money make a party at party system and write taxi at earth ghost or some 
thing that is lvl 20 or higher and u have to be at least 5 lvl higher then the monsters 
wait till some joins and tell them 45k 20-50k is good after u get money you ban them and 
keep doing that.

Submitted by: pola 

Level up the player 20 level up and get to him wolf level 15 and 10,000,000 and it work
for one time. 

Submitted by. pola

Tto get easy mony if you in lvl 20 or up kill the gaint of with tiger or the party.

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