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  Hints and Tips for: Sky Roads 
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 Sky Roads Cheats

Sky Roads

1.- One of the most importants... In order to finish succesfully the road,
you MUST pass through the final tunnel or tunnels. If you pass them jumping,
your victory won't count and you will have to restart the road.

2.- Learn where to increase the speed and where to decrease it. There are 
areas where you need to go using max speed in order to cross some parts and
some parts where it's easier to cross them by just moving to the sides the 
spaceship without accelerating.

3.- Watch carefully your Fuel and Oxygen Meters. There are roads like the 
third one from the third "world" where there aren't any Supplies Blocks, 
so you have to be precise and fast in order to finish the road succesfully.

4.- Learn where to jump and where to not jump. Sometimes is easier to jump
over the tunnels that to cross them.

5.- Study carefully the possibility of jumping into a special block. Sometimes
this may be good for you, but sometimes don't. While being on a Slippery surface,
try to be precise and fast. While being on a Sticky area, try to pass it by 
small jumps. And remember, if you see Burning Blocks, don't step on them, and 
when seeing Supplies blocks, don't doubt in jumping there!

6.- It is a good idea to watch the DEMO. By watching it, you will learn some 
tactics and tips about jumps, accelerating and decreasin speed.

7.- And the most important: Be patient and precise. Every road has its own 
difficulties, but they can be finished. If you cannot succeed in one, try 
again or in the others. Remember that you don't have any lives to loose.

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