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  Hints and Tips for: Soulmask 
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 Soulmask Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Prevent Your Buildings from Decaying:
Written by Peter

In Soulmask, you can obtain various building materials such as 
foundations, floors, and walls of different materials through 
crafting and using the construction table. Once you have these 
building materials, you can construct your own base.

If players do not build a bonfire near their base in Soulmask, the 
buildings and workstations will slowly start to decay.

How to craft a bonfire? To build a bonfire in Soulmask, you can 
craft it manually. First, press the “Tab” key and select the “Items” 
tab. Look for the bonfire in the “Manual Crafting Blueprint” section. 
To craft a bonfire, you will need materials such as branches, stones 
or flint, and logs or hardwood. Branches are a required material, 
while the other two materials are optional. As long as you have enough 
of one of these materials, you can craft a bonfire.

To activate a bonfire in Soulmask, simply add combustible materials 
such as branches, logs, or bark to it. By building your base within 
the range of the bonfire and ensuring that the bonfire is burning, 
your buildings will not decay. When you hover your mouse over the 
placed building materials, you will see the phrase “[Protected by 
Bonfire]”, indicating that as long as your bonfire keeps burning, those 
building materials will not begin to decay.

As you progress in the game, you can unlock the ability to tame NPCs 
known as “barbarians.” You can assign these barbarians to continuously 
add combustible materials to the bonfire, eliminating the need for you 
to personally perform this task.

PS: We recommend building the bonfire before constructing your buildings 
to ensure that your base is not too close to other players’ bases, 
making it difficult to protect the bonfire. Additionally, it’s important 
to cover the top of the bonfire with a roof or flooring to prevent 
rainwater from extinguishing it on rainy days.

Tips to Get the Green Crystals:
Usually the points of interest on map have a chest to loot with 
crystals in them.

* But have to kill either beasts or npc characters guarding it in 
  area – they agro and attack you if get too close so beware.
* Usually they hear or see you when get close to area (you can see 
  this as has a small icon – eye for when they are spotting you and
   ear when they are hearing you).
* Usually all attack at once even if only one hears/sees you so be 
  prepared. Not easy to draw just one at a time to fight like other

In other words…
If you look at the map (press M) you’ll see questions mark means 
they have not been discovered they are ruins kill the living creature 
in there (depends on the ruin’s guardian, there’s beast contains dogs 
and outcast contains barbarians) or sneak depends on how you approach 
it, theres always one chest in the locations open it and reap the 

Tips to Get Ore:
* There are some mines in the map, you can keep exploring the map.
* So you can find the mine, such as tin mine.

* You can also get ingots from raiding higher level NPC camps.
* Note: you can made your bronze tools this way later.

Guide to Tame NPCs:
Written  by Peter

-=What Should You Do=-
First, you need to unlock chests in the “Ruins” on the map to obtain Green 
Crystals (unexplored ruins are marked with a “?”). Then, press the “Tab” key
 to open the mask interface and use the Green Crystals to upgrade the “deter” 

Prepare bandages and liquid food in your inventory, and try to minimize the 
amount of materials or items you carry to reduce weight. Bandages can be 
crafted at the loom or obtained by scavenging from hostile NPCs. Liquid food 
such as herbal soups, meat soups, or mushroom soups can be made. To make 
them, first craft the “Bowl” item at the potting table, then place the bowl 
on the cooking stove, gather the corresponding ingredients, and cook either 
meat soup or mushroom soup.

To find the traces of NPCs on the map, first, use your weapon to attack the 
NPC and reduce its health to below 20% (please confirm the exact value with 
the game). Then, hold the “E” key and click the “deter” button with the mouse 
to make the NPC fall to the ground. Once you have confirmed that there are no 
other enemies nearby, hold the “E” key to check the NPC’s status. If the NPC 
is bleeding, you can place a bandage in the NPC’s inventory and use it to 
stop the bleeding. Then, place liquid food in the NPC’s inventory and press 
the “E” key to feed the NPC, increasing its hunger level. At this point, the 
NPC’s “recognition” will slowly increase.

Next, while facing the NPC lying on the ground, press the “E” key to lift 
them up and carry them back to your base. Place them on the ground, 
preferably on a bed. The NPC’s affinity will gradually increase. Once the 
NPC’s recongnition reaches 500 or above, hold the “E” key while interacting 
with the NPC, and the “Recruit” option will appear. Click on “Recruit” to 
recruit the NPC into your team.

PS: Before detering the NPC, it is advisable to ensure that your own health 
is at a relatively high level to avoid being killed by other NPCs during the 

How to Use Traps:
* If you catch an adult animal, you gotta select release.
* What the game wants you to do is capture the baby animals so you gotta 
  release adults and repair the traps every time, annoying I know.
* After you capture a baby animal, its triccky getting them out because 
  theres only one spot you can actualy grab them and that’s right at the
  front trap door.
* Above you’ll see an opening between the door and the top of the trap.

Tips for Liquid Food:
* Broth – Meat, water (waterskin) and a bowl.
* Place in their inventory and press E to use it.
* Also, for good measure, after I give them a bite of broth, I put a bandage 
  on them and use it to quickly boost their health.
* If you get attacked (like by rabid dogs) on the way back to your place while
  carrying the NPC and have to put him or her down, the extra health will help
  because the dogs will attack the NPC.

XP / Medal Farm Tips:
* Pro tip for everyone who wants to farm out medals before it inevitably gets 
* Robot survival missions are a great way to farm medals and XP, all you have 
  to do is clear around a 150 enemies and extract.
* What makes it so easy though is that you start at the top of a hill and the 
  AI flat out can’t work out how to get to the top of it.
* We have been running them for the past 5 or so hours and gone from lvl8-10 
  to level 20+ and got 450-600 medals.
* Take mortars, orbital laser and the rifle turret and you don’t even need to 
  fire a single shot. 80% of the time we make it out without a single death 
  because the tanks get stuck and all the regular enemies can’t make it 10 
  meters without being obliterated by 4 mortar turrets.
* On insane each run takes maybe 5-10min tops and rewards a shit tone of do 
  and 7 medals.
* I give it until next patch before the mission is removed or the pathing for  
  the so is fixed so best be quick about it fellow Helldivers.

How to Tame Alpaca:
To get an alpaca, you must explore the map and find the Large Barbarian camp 
that is south of the river, north of the starting area, right before you walk 
into the jungle. You must clear the camp. At the very end, there is a little 
enclosure with baby alpacas. Just walk up to them, pick em up, give them a 
good sniff… “Hmmmmm Alpaca smell……” and then bring them home.

The alpacas eat corn or alpaca feed. Make sure they have food and water at all 
times or your alpaca will go sad, rspca will come knocking on your door and will 
take it away from you for not being a very responsible owner. 
(JK it will just die).

You can build feeders and sinks. Fill them up with food and water (use bucket 
for the sink).

If you have any other questions of how to catch and capture your first alpaca, 
please tag me or ultimately, try again… It is quite simple.

Note: The barbarians loves their alpacas, if they see you walking in their camp 
they will rise the alarm and a bunch of barbarians and their mothers will come 
out and chase you until you leave.

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