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  Hints and Tips for: Stick Fight: The Game 
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 Stick Fight: The Game Cheats

Stick Fight: The Game

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Gameplay Tips:
Written by The Potatolord

Here are a small handful tips you can use to win your matches in stickfight!

-=The Basics!=-
Lets start simple:

It's not a block, it's a counter. Only use it if the enemy has a weapon, and 
you're unarmed, or if your enemy has an autoclicker on their light punch, as 
it will be easy to predict when the next attack is coming.

Shoot in short bursts, or with weapons with high recoil (say, the revolver) 
shoot once and wait if you're trying to aim.

Also, note that the direction you hit will move the enemy in that way. If you 
hit down, the enemy will be pushed down. If hit up, the enemy will be knocked 
up. You can aim your attacks by aiming in the direction you want to go. 
This is useful if hitting enemies into spikes.

(Tested once, needs confirmation) If a normal bullet hits your sword, and only 
your sword, the bullet will be blocked.

On a similar note, deflecting a bullet into an enemies gun will disarm them, 
or shooting it. Also, tested once, if an enemy is standing still holding a 
sword, and you hit the sword, the will be disarmed.

Headshots do extra damage for almost everything, including fists (testing 
needed!) Sniper will 1 shot unless the HP is 300, maybe 200.

-=Map Tips!=-
Now some map tips, again, starting simple

The ice in the winter maps can be broken, and if larger pieces fall on an 
enemy, the enemy will take decent damage. Also in the winter maps, you can 
hit enemies through ice walls if you are close and the enemy is hit hard 
enough. Ice may even fall on them, doing extra damage!

Finally, on the winter maps, the snake launcher WILL break ice VERY easily. 
If it is shot at ice, if it rams through ice to get to a player, etc.

In the factory, the laser cannons on the unstable platforms can be aimed by
holding down on an edge of one. Be careful, though, as if you fall it will 
swing back and blast you in the head.

On the wild west map where the snake pit has AK's inside with snake barrels, 
only rush at the beginning to get an AK, then get out right away! 
You WILL die if you take too long or fall in!

On the conveyor map in the factory, you can get across the gap by jumping 
across, altho it is very risky, or you can jump on a box then jump across 
the gap, making it much easier.

In the castle map, you can hold down to slide through a drawbridge, taking 
an enemy by surprise. I have won by doing this a ton when I have a sniper

Block + Punch Jumping:
Written by Captain No-Beard

Of all the advanced movement techniques, this is the one with the greatest 
potential. We have already established how punch-boosting works, so now let's 
add a little wrinkle into the equation. Stick fight has the (generally unused) 
shield mechanic (by default right mouse button on keyboard), which itself has a 
lot of quirks. It can block bullets, yet seems to have some trouble with melee 
attacks. I generally have better luck with blocking melee attacks by attacking 
in the same spot, which tends to cancel out the other melee attack. But I digress.
 One weird mechanic of shielding is that it seems to affect your momentum, much 
like punching does, yet also entirely differently. The essence of Block+Punch 
Jumping (hereafter called BPJ) is combining block and punch with your jump, thus 
allowing the highest possible jump that does not involve a weapon. 
This trick is *very* hard to perform on trackpad, yet decently easy on mouse or 
controller. All you really have to do is jump and then press block and punch at 
almost the same time, yet not quite. I am not the best at explaining this trick, 
mainly because my understanding of the strange physics engine of stick fight 
stops when it comes to shielding. With enough practice, you will eventually get 
the timing down, allowing you to reach weapons far faster than your opponents.

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