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  Hints and Tips for: Stick Cricket 
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 Stick Cricket Cheats

Stick Cricket

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Hidden teams:
Click on the commentator's nose (the person on screen after every over) to unlock more 

Next level:
If you want to register, you can but you do not have to. Type MICKEY into the "World 
Domination" box. You will then be on the next level.

Old player mode:
If you get out for zero on the first ball, click on the duck. By doing this you will go 
into a mode with all old players. 

World Domination passwords:

Level                  Password
1 (vs. England)      - MICKEY
2 (vs. Opponent 2)   - MCBEAR
3 (vs. Opponent 3)   - ROCKET
4 (vs. Opponent 4)   - BGARK
5 (vs. Opponent 5)   - MONKEY 
6 (vs. Australia)    - TUGGA
7 (vs. South africa) - BEEFY

Submitted by: kaka

To play against south africa in world domination,enter:
beefy in the cheat box.
to play against australia in world domination,enter - tugga 
to play against england in world domination,enter  -  mickey

if your player is out on a duck in the stick sports world cup,click the duck to restart 
the cup,but this time there will be no points in the table and you will move one place up.

World Domination Cheats are:
Submitted by: Shiraz

16.Bermuda-Not Required.
 8.West Indies-Classic.
 3.New Zealand-Monkey.
 2.South Africa-Beefy.

Stick Cricket Multiplayer:
Submitted by: noam

When playing stick cricket multi player, if you are playing and want to quit without
losing reputation, on most computers, there is an 'x' on bottom right corner. 

Submitted by: hoan

Go on stick cricket and go on multiplayer and den if u dont want to lose reputation
by lossing den there is a cross like x on the top of ur page click dat and den u 
wont lose and reputain and will draw the match.

World T2:
Submitted by: Boris131

On world T2 play the first game then after go to the next game but dont play keep 
clicking where the play now button is about 16 times and you will win the world T2.

vs black peple calle unverified:
Submitted by: z man

When playing world t2 start a game and play as normal. when it starts press escape
and go to the page before the game and press escape as fast as you can as fast as 
you can then spop and pres it once more ( On the title screen not in the game) and
you should be playing a yeam called undefined and need a score of NaN. sorry about
the spelling eras.

Multi player:
Submitted by: hassan

In the stick cricket multiplayer dressing room,there is written quick that 
and they will find opponents automaticlly.

Submitted by: Ahmed Siddiqui

Go to My Leagues {the last one} Then play on a public league 10 or 5 overs your choice 
then your playing in a league.

Keep reputation in Multi-player mode:
To quit Multi-player mode without losing your reputation, click the "X" in the bottom 
right corner.

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