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  Hints and Tips for: Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet 
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 Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Cheats

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

-=Bitter Sweat Ending=-
In the final mission choose Kureha to save.

-=Bad Ending=-
In the final mission choose Kureha to save.

-=True+Happy Ending=-
1.Get all of the ORIGINAL SAO Fatal Bullet Members Charm level to 4 
  with 75% Afasys Kureha Zeliska Itsuki Bazalt Joe.
2.Get all ORIGINAL SAO members Charm to at least 2.
3.Watch all their event scenes.
4.Get the Amulet after you’ve cleared Kirito Mode.
5.Never pass the next Main Quest that shows after Kirito Mode or 
  else you must play ONCE MORE starting from SBC ‘Forgotten Forest’.
6.After you have the Amulet fight the last boss and evade it’s 
  hyperbeam. The quest name will change from ‘Dead All’ to ‘Fatal 

How to Unlock FPS:
Follow these simple steps to Unlock The FPS Cap.

1.Go to
2.Open GameUserSettings with your editor.
3.Set your FrameRateLimit to 144 or whatever you want!

Always bring a healer:
Fatal Bullet may not be your typical role-playing game filled with swords, 
magic, and monsters, but your party members still have roles to play during
combat. And, as with almost any RPG team, you're going to want to bring a 
healer along for the ride.

There are several healing skills in Fatal Bullet. Some directly restore 
your health, while others can cure status ailments. Several of Kirito's 
friends have these skills (namely Sinon and Asuna), so if you're finding
progress difficult, it may be worth considering these party members so 
that you can keep your health topped up.

It's also worth mentioning that your own character can learn these skills 
as well, as can ArFA-sys, your custom companion.

Tips and Tricks:
-=Automatic weapons are best for beginners
There are a bunch of different weapon types to try out in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, 
but when you’re just finding your feet, we’d recommend sticking with automatic guns. 
They don’t require precise aim, they can dish out constant damage, and they come with a 
large ammo count.

With a good automatic weapon, you can quite easily run-and-gun, dodging enemy attacks 
while dealing good amounts of damage. Staying mobile can be key to survival — especially 
against enemies who rely on close range combat — so having a gun that you can continuously 
fire even when you’re moving to cover can prove very valuable.
-=Don’t always aim down the sights
In Fatal Bullet, you can either shoot from the hip or aim manually using L2. When shooting 
from the hip, you have the option of using assist mode, which makes your bullets track. 
Assist mode can be toggled on and off by pressing up on the directional pad.

Assist mode is one of the most effective tools at your disposal. It allows you to keep 
track of fast-moving enemies as long as they stay in your sights, and it’s usually the 
best way of dealing guaranteed chunks of damage to any opponent that isn’t standing still.
This is because when you’re aiming down your sights, there’s no aim assist. As alluded, 
many enemies in Fatal Bullet move quickly, so actually keeping your crosshair on an enemy 
that’s darting around is incredibly difficult. In these situations, you’re probably better 
off shooting from the hip with the help of assist mode. If an opponent is knocked down or 
is standing still, that’s when you should be aiming manually.
-=Stay near cover if possible
Fatal Bullet isn’t really a cover-based shooter, but cover is still part of the equation. 
Although you can dodge roll and dash to avoid some incoming fire, effective use of these 
evasive moves requires timing and a bit of practice. What’s more, some attacks can only 
be avoided if you’re sitting behind cover.

Get into the habit of staying near cover when you can. Sometimes, this isn’t possible due 
to how open an area can be, but having a solid wall to dive behind when the going gets 
tough can easily save your life.

-=Your dash is as important as your dodge roll
If you’re looking to evade incoming fire and there’s no cover to hide behind, you have 
two options: you can either dodge roll, or you can dash. To roll, click R3. To dash, 
hit circle.

Rolling may seem like the best way to avoid attacks, and that’s true in some cases (like 
when an enemy is winding up for a big melee attack), but no matter how many times you 
roll, there are some projectile-based attacks that you simply won’t be able to dodge. 
These can include shotgun blasts and gatling gun barrages.

If you see that an enemy’s targeting you, try dashing instead. When you hit the circle 
button, your character will perform a quick dash that then becomes a sprint. 
When sprinting, you can actually outrun your foe’s ability to target you, meaning that 
their shots will miss. Dashing and then sprinting is great for retreating to cover, or 
you can even use it to close the distance between you and your foe if you’re feeling 
-=Use ArFA-sys to complement your style of play
ArFA-sys is yours to command and shape. From its looks to its abilities, you’re free 
to tweak your AI companion however you see fit. As such, it’s a good idea to transform 
ArFA-sys into a reliable party member who can complement your own style of play.

For example, if you enjoy fighting on the front lines as an all-out attacker, you may 
want ArFA-sys to focus on healing and support skills. If you like to snipe from a 
distance, maybe you could turn ArFA-sys into a tank and have them draw enemies away 
from your position. There are countless possibilities.
-=Remember to check in on side quests and bounties
Whenever you unlock a new area to explore, remember to check your available side quests 
and bounties. More missions appear as you progress through the game, and accepting them 
before you head out on your adventure can save you a lot of time.

It’s best to get into the habit of calling in at each quest giver’s station before you 
get down to business.
-=Repeat bounties to get extra cash
Standard hunting missions — which task you with defeating a certain number of enemies — 
can be undertaken as many times as you like. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to 
pick these missions up whenever you’re about to go adventuring, killing the required 
enemies while you work on other, more important objectives.

Completing them all over again will net you chunks of currency, and you can quickly 
rack up extra cash by repeating this process whenever you’re planning to head out on 
your next main mission.
-=Fast travel can streamline the experience significantly
From the map screen on your main menu, you can fast travel to any previously visited 
location. This includes specific areas within the home hub as well as dungeons and 
remote locations out in the wilderness. Because of how Fatal Bullet is structured, 
fast travel can save you a huge amount of time.

Fast travelling allows you to bypass the game’s teleport gate system entirely. 
Instead of having to go pick up a quest and then head to the nearest teleporter, simply 
grab your quest and fast travel straight to the location. When you’re done, fast travel 
right on back and pick up the next mission.

If you’ve having trouble finding the location that you want to move to on the map screen, 
try hitting the circle button. Doing this will eventually bring up a list of all the 
main areas so that you can easily select your destination.
-=Trade medals for skill points and money
Medals are collected through performing various acts during battle. You acquire them 
quickly and constantly, and before long, you’ll be sitting on a nice little pile of 
them. But what can they be used for?

In the lobby area of the main hub, you’ll notice four girls standing on the central 
platform. Talk to the girl with blue hair and you’ll be able to trade in your medals 
for various things like outfits and weapons. Keep in mind that some items are quite 

However, she doesn’t just deal in equipment — she’ll also grant you skills points and 
money in exchange for medals. If you’re ever short on either, this can be a quick and 
easy way of stocking up. Skill points in particular can be hard to come by — especially 
later on — so always keep this method in mind.

-=Invest in banking to get rich quick
A little while into the game, ArFA-sys will gain the ability to look after your money.
You can set it so that a percentage of your earnings are transferred directly to your 
bank account, and we recommend taking full advantage of this.

You see, you can earn interest on the money that you have banked. Over time, your 
savings will generate more and more money as they grow, meaning that the more you bank, 
the bigger the payout over time. This can be a very effective way of making a massive 
amount of money while you get on with the game.

Our advice is to place a large amount of money into your account as soon as you have 
access to it. Add some more whenever you’ve got cash to spare and you’ll quickly see 
the benefits. Once you reach the later stages of the game, you’ll be drowning in dosh.
-=Status effect build up can be key
Status effects are only applied in Fatal Bullet once the target has been hit by one 
enough times. It may just take one status attack to do the trick, or it could take 
three or four — it all depends on the target’s resistances.

There’s at least one skill dedicated to each effect, from poisoning and burning to 
stun. The higher ranks of these skills provide more “build up” upon impact, which 
basically means that they get the job done quicker.

Since there are few highly damaging skills in Fatal Bullet, inflicting status effects 
can often be the key to taking down tough enemies quickly. Blaze, for example, sets 
the target on fire, causing it to take continuous damage. Combine this with the damage 
that your party’s dealing and it quickly adds up.

As such, it’s good practice to hit your opponent with a status skills whenever you get 
the chance. Every time it hits, you’re making it more and more susceptible to that 
effect. Bring along party members who share the same status skill and you’ll inflict 
it even faster.

PvP Hunting Quests (Bounty Hunter Achievement):
Written by THE_Soulburn

Here you will find the location of all the enemy's from the PvP Hunting Quests.

-=Quests: 1 - 4=-
Quest #1 - Lv. 13 - Bounty Hunting 101
Quest #2 - Lv. 15 - Lone Wolf and Gun
Quest #3 - Lv. 17 - A Tempestuous Fighter
Quest #4 - Lv. 20 - Ulterior Motives

All the Enemy's are located on the Flag in Remnant Wasteland.

-=Quests: 5 - 8=-
Quest #5 - Lv. 21 - A Numbers Game
Quest #6 - Lv. 24 - Identity Crisis
Quest #7 - Lv. 27 - A Dance in Twilight
Quest #8 - Lv. 29 - VR Art Imitating Life

All the Enemy's are located on the Flag in Solitary Sands.
Near the Ship Graveyard (north east).

-=Quests: 9 - 15=-
Quest #09 - Lv. 32 - Might of the Cosmos
Quest #10 - Lv. 34 - One in the Chamber
Quest #11 - Lv. 34 - Every Dog Has His Day
Quest #12 - Lv. 36 - A Nighttime Stroll
Quest #13 - Lv. 37 - A Demon's Gaze
Quest #14 - Lv. 40 - Candy Party
Quest #15 - Lv. 44 - Bathed in Moonlight

All the Enemy's are located on the Flag in The Old South. (Behind the Dome)

-=Quests: 16 - 17=-
Quest #16 - Lv. 47 - Light and Shadow
Quest #17 - Lv. 50 - Riding Numeric Waves

All the Enemy's are located on the Flag in The Forgotten Woods.

-=Quests: 18 - 24=-
Quest #18 - Lv. 52 VR Escapism
Quest #19 - Lv. 55 Solemn Atonement
Quest #20 - Lv. 58 The Meaning of Justice
Quest #21 - Lv. 75 A World Laid to Waste
Quest #22 - Lv. 80 You Are Already Dead
Quest #23 - Lv. 90 The Weight of Living
Quest #24 - Lv. 99 Glory Beyond the Veil

All the Enemy's are located on the Flag in Solitary Sands. (Industrial Zone).

Easy affection:
Equip your best Sword Barriers, then go to a dangerous area with your team, such 
as an area where there are snipers, like the Fourth Area dungeon. Set the difficulty 
level to Extreme so enemies such as the snipers can perform a one-hit kill. With 
your Sword Barriers, you should not die, but your teammates will constantly get hit 
and killed. Simply revive them to get +5% affection. 
Info: Repeat this process as many times as desired with any characters.

Easy gun proficiency:
Weapon proficiency increases by using your weapons. It is capped at 1,000. The best 
way to raise your weapon proficiency is fighting stronger enemies. A good method to 
increase your gun proficiency is fighting the dungeon boss in the Third Area Of Old 
South. Use the platform to the left side of the boss and shoot your weapon. When 
the boss comes towards your location, simply jump down and wait for him to return 
before running back up the platform.

Easy XP:
Keep defeating the Level 10 Elite Automaton in the Floating Tower area to get a lot 
of XP and good drops. Keep defeating the two NPCs west of the Floating Tower. They 
increase in level (only when you leave the entire area) as you level up, which makes 
them a good target to attack. Note: They can be difficult to defeat. Thus, it is 
recommended to equip your character with skills and abilities to help with health. 
Both NPCs are set for long range battle, which means you need to focus on close 
combat. Keep defeating the Scorpion boss south of the Floating Tower within the 
mounts. This is a challenging boss to defeat, but you will get a lot of XP and 
good drops. Go to the Western dungeon. There are a lot of enemies in the area. 
Defeat all of the enemies except for one. The remaining enemy will revive the 
defeated enemies, allowing you to kill them again. Repeat this as many times as 
desired to get a lot of XP. After reaching Level 40, go to the Industrial Zone 
within the Solitary Sands. Most enemies spawning in this area are around Level 50.

Extreme mode:
Successfully complete the game with any ending. After defeating the final boss, 
you are given the "Go Back In Time" or "Start A New Journey" options. If you 
select the "Go Back In Time" option, you will not unlock Extreme mode. 
Select the "Start A New Journey" option to unlock the Extreme difficulty 
under the options menu.

Kirito mode:
Successfully complete the "Mother Claudia" main quest to unlock Kirito mode. To 
access it, go to the title screen, select the "Start Game" option, and choose your
saved game file. You can select Kirito mode, which is a temporary mode only available 
between the last two main quests. You play as Kirito, but the rare item drop rates 
are drastically increased and all the maps are accessible except the final main 
mission areas. This makes it easier to get some of the best weapons in the game as 
rare drops from bosses.

Reset stats and skills without reset kit:
Written by CheatCC

Reset kits are limited, but you can actually reset any time for free. At the 
"Terminal Menus" where you can adjust your skill/gear sets, there is a "Customization
Data" tab. As long as you never save over these and leave at least one slot blank, 
you can load them at anytime and keep all your CP/SP points, which you can then 
place as desired. Note: If you save over a slot and select "Remove Customizations", 
the equipment will be removed but the stats you put on will be locked. However, you 
can load a blank 1/1/1/1/1/1 stat file and save over an old one to make it a blank 
slot again. If you use all five slots at once though, reset kits are your only option.

True Ending Guide:
Written by Daemonthehero

-=Step One=-
* Raise your affinity level with all characters exclusive to SAO FB (including your 
  ArFaSYS, Zeliska, Itsuki, and Bazalt Joe). They must be affinity level four with 
  at least 75% progress
* Classic SAO characters (meaning all other characters except Pitohui, Fukaziroh, 
  LLENN, and M) must at least be at affinity level 2.
* After that you have to do all of the green speech bubble talk interactions with 
  your SAO FB characters (This includes actually doing the date scenes).
* After you've done that there shouldn't be any more green speech bubbles which 
  means you should go home and that will activate a cutscene with your ArFaSYS.

-=Step Two=-
* Make it to the final part of the game where you get the Dead All quest.
* If you've seen the cutscene from step one then it will instantly change to 
  a quest titled Fatal Bullet.
* This is the part where you fight the final boss fight it normally until we get
  to the final part and step.

-=Step Three=-
* When the GM starts, using that death ball move that you can't dodge and will 
  trigger a cutscene (this happens when it's health bar is yellow).
* Don't try to dodge it.
* Instead of trying to dodge shoot him right in his open mouth through the 
  shadow orb he will then enter a downed state and then you kill him, that's it.
* The rest of it's pretty self explanatory.

Defeating Honeycomb Maker:
Written by lightly salted tackito

* When you do find the honeycomb maker. Make sure there is a dungeon nearby if not 
  go find the closest one.
* If you go to fight the honeycomb maker lead it near a dungeon and when it aims at 
  you go to the dungeon and dont press enter just wait until the attack is over and 
  do that until it is defeated.
* Hopefully this is helpful!
* Note: Make sure not to get hit once or you will have to restart.

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