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  Hints and Tips for: The Evil Within 2 
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 The Evil Within 2 Cheats

The Evil Within 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by TheBadkill

Right click the game title and go to Properties, then Set Lanuch Option, and type: 
+com_allowconsole 1 to enable the command console in-game.

Note: Achievements will be disabled until you turn the Cheats off.

When in Gameplay press the insert key on your keyboard (This will pull up the Console 
Command) Then type idStudio to enable cheat mode.

Code                       Effect
cvaradd g_infiniteammo 1 - Gives you unlimited Ammo.
pl_FPS 1                 - First Person Mode.
pl_FPS 0                 - Third Person Mode.
devmapjump MAPNAME       - Skip Chapters. 
devmapjump st01_main     - Starts from the beginning.
devmapjump st02_main     - Starts from the Middle.
devmapjump st03_main     - Starts from the End.
GiveUnlock               - Gives all key items in your inventory!
RemoveUnlock             - Takes them away.
listcmds *               - Lists all commands 
                           (type it with the * to show all the commands)
find *                   - Find a model, entity, map or command.

Note: No god mode or noclip, but there is a teleport command.
Note: When stage jumping you will lose items and upgrades have you collected.
Note: with this one, replace the * with whatever, you can even type a single letter to 
show all commands with that letter in it. Go through the abcs to get all of em'

Getting the Sniper Rifle:
Exit the safe house where Chapter 3 begins, and look for the tallest 
building on the left side (just across the street). On the rooftop of
the tall building is the broken sniper rifle. Use the stairs and ladder
on the side of the building to get up there. To repair the broken sniper
rifle, you must find sniper rifle parts. These are located in the tool 
shed at the north-western end of the map. 

Go inside the shed and look for the sniper rifle parts on the workbench.
Then, use the workbench to repair the sniper rifle with the parts you 
have found. 

You can now select it in the weapon wheel.

Letterbox mode:
Successfully complete the game on any difficulty to unlock Letterbox mode.
This mode adds letterboxing to resemble the aspect ratio from the original
The Evil Within.

Getting the Flamethrower:
After defeating the Flamethrower boss in Chapter 11, collect the broken 
Flamethrower next to the corpse of the boss. In Chapter 13, you must find 
two fuel tanks to repair it. You can collect the tanks from Harbinger 
enemies that are roaming around Chapter 13. There are three of them in the 
Business District (you go there for a main objective). Sneak attacks inflict 
a lot of damage to them. You can run away after a successful sneak attack 
and repeat. This way you do not have to waste ammo on them. Sniper headshots 
and close range shotgun hits also work well. 

Just loot two Harbingers that you have killed to get their fuel tanks. 
Then, go to the safehouse and enter the mirror. At the workbench, combine 
the fuel tanks with the broken Flamethrower to repair it.

Bonus costume:
Successfully complete the game on any difficulty to unlock Sebastian 
Castellanos' costume from the original The Evil Within.

Use of refuge:
Before you explore the Union, make sure you remember where is your sanctuary. 
You can go back at any point in the game. When you have a low supply of HP 
(coffee) or want to create ammunition for weapons, improve it and Castellanos.
Creating ammo, first aid kits and other items during the game using “Artisanal
production” (inventory), you expend significantly more resources. 
This option is not recommended because even on low, the number of resources 
is limited. So come to the shelter and use the minimum amount of resources.

All Safe House Location:
In Evil Within 2, there total six safe houses and each one is located at a 
different location. While you are completing a story you can use the closest 
Safe House and see what benefit it offers.

These Safe House can offer facilities like Coffee Pot to replenish your health, 
Supply Box provides supplies (Casual difficulty), Save Terminal to save the game
and Mirror allows you to travel between Sebastian's Office or the Nurse Tatiana 
for upgrades. So it's very important to use the right Safe House at right time 
during the story.

1: O'Neil's Safe House
Location - Residential District
How to Enter - Part of the Story
Offers - Ammunition, weapon parts, directions for some new gear

2: North Safe House
Location - Residential District
How to Enter - Shoot a Shock Bolt at the fuse box to Open the Door
Offers - Supplies like Weapons and Ammunition

3: Hoffman's Safe House
Location - City Hall Area in The Marrow
How to Enter - While in the City Hall area, check the Bottom of the map
Offers - Collectibles

4: Post Plus Safe House
Location - North Business District
How to Enter - The top-right corner of the map
Offers - Rare supplies like High-quality weapons parts

5: Syke's Safe House
Location - Business District
How to Enter - Middle of the district
Offers - Weapons (Complete side mission Getting Back Online)

6: Torres's Safe House
Location - Nature Reserve
How to Enter - At the bottom
Offers - Ammunition

First Person Mode:
Written by Magpie

The command code that allows you to play The Evil Within 2 with fully-functioning 
first person support.

-=How to Activate First Person Perspective=-

* Right click The Evil Within 2 in your Steam library
* Click Properties > Launch Options
* Add +com_allowconsole 1 and Accept
* Launch the game
* Press the Insert key
* Write pl_FPS 1
* Press Enter, then start playing

Unlike most commands, this one does NOT register as a game cheat, so your ability to earn 
achievements is unaffected, leaving you to play and enjoy the game to its fullest extent 
within the first person view. If you wish to switch back, re-open the console and type 
in pl_FPS 0.

Warning: Despite being third person, some parts of the game force you into first person.
If you are already in first person when this happens, you're likely going to cause a 
conflict and crash the game. So far, I have only noticed this crash happening while you 
put the gas mask on in chapter 4.

Sebastian Castellanos costume:
Complete the game on any difficulty to unlock Sebastian Castellanos' costume from the 
original The Evil Within.

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