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  Hints and Tips for: The Legend of Heroes - Trails in the Sky 
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 The Legend of Heroes - Trails in the Sky Cheats

The Legend of Heroes - Trails in the Sky

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy money:
First, you need to get your hands on a food called "Apple Ice Cream". The earliest you'll 
get this is in the inn at Ravennue village. Buy and eat one to learn the recipe, then go 
back to Bose's market to buy as much of the ingredients as possible. One of each ingredient
equals to about 80 something mira while the ice cream itself can be sold for 125 mira.
If you mass produce 99 of it and sell it back to the market, you can make 4000 something 
mira per 99 ice creams sold. Repeat until satisfied and when funds start to drain. 
No more selling your precious sepith!

Two rather silly references:
After defeating the final boss and now wander the streets of Grancel, if you should talk 
to two people around town, you'll encounter a reference and a short 4th wall breaking 

The reference requires you to talk to a man in front of the Inn in town, taking a picture
of his daughter. Talk to him and he'll tell his kid to smile and say "Fuzzy Pickles!". 
Get it? This is a reference to the random photographer from the old cult favorite game of 

The fourth wall breaking is found in the Liberl News building by talking to Dorothy at 
the desk. She will mention being legible to the "Fuelitzer" prize. Estelle questions that
and asks if she meant the "Pul-" until Joshua stops her abruptly by saying "Shhh! 
You want to get sued?". It's an easy guess to think she meant the "Pulitzer" prize.

Farming Sepith's:
Version: Steam

Simple and 2 different ways to flash farm Sepith's:
* A few notes, maximum Sepith per battle is only 70. This will not go any higher.
* Shinning Pom's are your only target. Finale Chapter Pom and Prologue Pom.
* ALWAYS PRE-EMP STRIKE a pom. If you begin without it 95% of the time they will flee.

(1)Finale Shinning Pom - Shadow Spear Method 20% instant kill.
* Before entering the Arena, that is the ideal time to farm it. You can have 4 party members
  that can cast multiple shadow spears the odds of getting 1 pom are much higher. Finale Pom 
  yields 70 Sepith per kill. You need only 1 spear of instant death, killing the rest will 
  just waste time.

Side note: This is also an effective way of power leveling if your are under level. Final 
Chapter pom gives out a lot of exp.

Prologue - Normal Hits
(2)On your 2nd Play through you will be most likely Level 35-40+ allowing you to 1 hit poms. You
just need to have the right quartz Action 3 and Hit 3 is needed and of course a PRE-EMP STRIKE 
always. This method though will require you to kill all 3 poms, since Prologue poms yield only 
20 per pom = 60 Sepith per battle if you kill them all. This method is what i personally use 
around 1 hour mark and i easily get 9,999 max Sepith.

Easy "Blue Knight" achievement:
During Chapter 3, after you begin an investigation as part of the storyline you will be brought
to the embassies. While in the Calvard embassy, enter the room on the right side to find a set 
of three bookshelves. Search them to read all 22 chapters of The Doll Knight.

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