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  Hints and Tips for: Ultima 1 
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 Ultima 1 Cheats

Ultima 1

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

1.Level up your character. Go to the nearest town and spend your money to get 
weapons, food and armour. Now head to a nearest dungeon and walk around killing
and looting monsters there. The best way to get more HP is to kill monsters and 
exit the dungeon, as you get more HP based on the amount of slaying you've done 
in the dungeon. You can also buy more HP from kings with money if you want. 
Before you get better weapons use only the first 2 floors of the dungeons.

2.When you have enough cash, and levels, get yourself an aircar. Talk to kings 
in different castles to get quest to find specific locations of the world. Go 
to these locations in order to get better attributes and return to the kings 
in order to get more strength. Rinse and repeat until you have max attributes.
One of the sign posts will give you weapons, so visit that one until you get a
blaster, best weapon in game.

Pillars of Protection    : Agility.
Tower of Knowledge       : Intelligence.
The Sign Post            : Stamina.
Southern Sign Post       : Charisma.
Grave of the Lost Soul   : Stamia.
Eastern Sign Post        : nothing.
Pillars of the Argonauts : Weakest weapon NOT in your inventory.
Pillar of Ozymandias     : Wisdom.

3.Stack up on Ladder Up and Ladder Down spells and equip a blaster and a reflect
suit. It's time to get monster killing quests from the kings in order to get some
gems. The quests can be done in any dungeon, but the monsters are on specific 
levels, so it's faster to use the spells to move up and down. After these quest
you should have red, green, blue and white gems.

Castle of the Lost King : Gelatinous Cube (levels 3 and 4)
Castle Rondorin         : Carrion Creeper (levels 5 and 6)
Black Dragon Castle     : Lich (levels 7 and 8)
Castle of Shamino       : Balron (levels 9 and 10)

4.Time to buy a vacuum suit and a shuttle and blast in space. Remember to bring
as much money as you can, as you'll need it in order to refuel the space ships.
You need to dock in the space station and get yourself a space fighter. Grab one
and kill 20 enemies in order to become a space ace.

5.After becoming a space ace, return to Sosaria and head to the castle of Lord 
British, or any other castle with a jail cell with a princess in it. You need 
to kill a jester in order to get a key. This turns the castle hostile, so be 
prepared to fight. Free the princess from the jail cell and escape the castle.
If you're a space ace the princess should tell you about a time machine near a
sign post.

6.Before using the time machine fill up your HP. If you have the gems the time
machine will take you back in time to Mondain, the evil wizard you need to kill.
Go to the gem that is front of Mondain and get it. Kill Mondain. You've won.

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