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  Hints and Tips for: Vampire Survivors 
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 Vampire Survivors Cheats

Vampire Survivors

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Weapons Upgrade Combinations Guide:
Written by ocram

For Vampire Survivors players, this guide will provide you a list of item 
combinations to upgrade your weapons, let’s check them out.

To upgrade a weapon you must have both the weapon and have picked up a 
level of corresponding item. When the weapon is high level enough and 
you have the item it will be upgraded when you open a chest that drops 
when you kill a high level evemy.

Axe + Candelabra
Cross + Clover
Fire Wand + Spinach
King Bible + Spellbinder
Knife + Gloves
Magic Wand + Tome
Whip + Hollow Heart

How to Reach Minute 31:
January 18, 2022 0

-=A few tips=-
* The Evolved Weapons can only be acquired through a chest. Picking it up 
  later could be useful.
* The knife is great to clear a path. It also does targeted damage, great 
   to kill ‘bosses’.

-=Useful information=-
* The Clock Lancet (freeze) is needed to freeze the Death Dracula.
* Laurel (shield) makes sure you can take a hit from the Death Dracula.
* The Evolved Cross does the most damage.

-=Things to choose from=-
* Clock Lancet (must)
* Laurel (must)
* Axe & Candelabra
* Cross & Clover
* Knife & Gloves
* Whip & Hollow Heart
* Fire Wand & Spinach

Empty Tome (if possible)
I’m not sure if the Pentagram kills the Death Dracula. Could work.
BTW: magic wand is ass.

Effect - Code
You can enter codes to unlock certain features while on the home screen, 
and you’ll hear a sound when you’ve entered one correctly.

Secret character Exdash Exiviiq: x-x1viiq

Extra Gold: Type the “Konami code” fast.

Extra 2000 Gold: Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right ESC ENTER (all text).

Unlock Secret Character Toastie:
Written by Dioroxic

This guide will show you how to unlock the new secret character Toastie in game.

-=How to Unlock=-
* Pick stage 3 (Dairy Plant). It does not matter which character you select.
* We need Green Death to spawn. This has a 1% chance at round start, 30% chance 
  at 8 minute mark, and 30% chance at 12 minute mark.
* You can kill Green Death by smashing them with a cart, using a screen wipe 
  cross pick up, or using the pentagram.
* As soon as Green Death dies, a character will flash in the bottom right hand 
  corner for about 1 second. You have this 1 second window to MASH down arrow + 
  enter key. If done correctly a sound will play signifying you have unlocked 

The easiest method is to unlock Gorgeous Moon since this gives you an audible 
and visual notification when the screen wipe is about to happen. Have one hand 
on WASD and the other hand on down arrow + enter keys. Kite Green Death around 
until Gorgeous Moon is about to trigger and then mash down arrow + enter as it 
kills Green Death.

If you don’t have Gorgeous Moon, just try to time the kill with a cart. 
It’s a little harder but can be done.

Evolution Combos:
All of the Vampire Survivors weapon evolution combinations are shown here!

Weapon Evolution Combinations
Axe + Candelabrador - Death Spiral
Cross + Clover - Heaven Sword
Fire Wand + Spinach - Hellfire
King Bible + Spellbinder - Unholy Vespers
Knife + Bracer - Thousand Edge
Magic Wand + Empty Tome - Holy Wand
Whip + Hollow Heart - Bloody Tear
Garlic + Pummarola - Soul Eater
Santa Water + Attractorb - La Borra
Peachone + Ebony Wings - Vandalier (you can upgrade this once you get it)
Lightning Ring + Duplicator - Thunder Loop
Song of Mana + Skull O’Maniac - Mannajja
Pentagram + Crown - Gorgeous Moon
Phiera Der Tuphello + Eight The Sparrow + Tiragisú - Phieraggi
Runetracer + Armor - No Future

-=Material in the early access variation=-
* 7 characters
* 24 weapons and 14 power-ups
* 10 pickups
* 34 achievements
* 2 stages
* Supports mouse, keyboard, controller, and touch screen.

-=Beginning Tips=-
* Take your time to get gems and items, they will not vanish.
* Get just two or 3 offending weapons, but concentrate on leveling them 
  up one at a time.
* Armor and Luck are excellent starting power-ups to invest cash on.

Gyorunton Unlock Easymode:
Written by Mr J.

* Choose Porta.
* Select Hurry to reduce waittime.
* Choose "Game Killer (0)" to keep Porta´s -90 Cooldown buff.
* Upgrade Lightning Ring to max.

-=As Arcanas i recommend=-
* "Silent Old Sanctuary": -135% cooldown + 100 Might.
* "Mad Groove": get the passive items and the 4 guardians.
* Be bored, because most bosses melt in under 5 seconds (except Ender).

I also finished Boss Rash (Hyper+Hurry) with "Silent Old Sanctuary" and "Beginning".

Cheat Codes:
You can access the Secrets menu once you’ve unlocked the Forbidden Scrolls of 
Morbane. You can "cast spell" in the area on the right side of the menu. This 
is merely the Vampire Survivors term for entering a cheat code.

Below is a list of every cheat code as of version 0.10. Enter the codes precisely 
as they appear in our code list in the box that is selected to the right.

spinnn - spins the UI
relaxenjoylife - unlocks Il Molise
honesty - unlocks Moongolow
dotgogreenacres - unlocks Green Acres
rottingpizza - unlocks The Bone Zone
peakgamedesign - unlocks Boss Rash
exdashexoneviiq - unlocks the Exdash
tramezzini - unlocks the Toastie as long as Exdash has already been unlocked
noneladonna - unlocks Arca Ladonna
vivaladonna - unlocks Porta Ladonna
superladonna - unlocks Lama Ladonna
strongestcharacter - unlocks Poe Ratcho
bioparco - unlocks Dommario
faschiuma - unlocks Suor Clerici
accidenti - unlocks Krochi Freetto
crystalmakeup - unlocks Christine Davain
yattapanda - unlocks Yatta Cavallo
carramba - unlocks Bianco Ramba
reset - unlocks O’Sole Meeo
languorino - unlocks Sire Ambrojoe
thisshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefault - unlocks Grim Grimoire
thistooshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefault - unlocks Ars Gouda
leadmetothecheese - unlocks Milky Way Map
eggseggseggs - unlocks Glass Vizard
teleportustomars - unlocks Mindbender
randomazzami - unlocks Randomazzo and Arcana VI
icanhearthecriesofcaptainplanet - unlocks Great Gospel
thankelrond - unlocks Magic Banger
timecompression - unlocks Sorceress Tears
secondevolution - unlocks Gyorunton
earrivatolarrotino - unlocks Big Trouser
lhovistoio - unlocks Cosmo Pavone
fettinepanate - unlocks Boon Marrabbio
iwillneverletyouforgetaboutme - unlocks Leda
pinociampino - unlocks Peppino
highfive - unlocks Gains Boros
ablasphemousmockery - unlocks Mask of the Red Death

Sketamari Easy Kill:
Originally posted by tgCiD

-=How to Kill the Sketamari=-
Haven’t seen a easy guide on killing the bone ball; attempting to build a 
character in order to kill it through use of AoE abilities makes the fight 
last a hell of a lot longer, so i used Leda.

Recorded a quick video, but if you don’t care for watching it, 
here’s a quick sum up:

* Use Leda, with a single weapon; eggs don’t matter.
* Grab a couple of levels while descending towards him; anything that boosts 
  projectiles/walking speed is good.
* Find him through the use of the map, and position your character slightly below 
  him, following him as he moves.
* Cash out, bro down.
* Took basically two and a half minutes.

How To Unlock Endless Mode:
As the name suggests, there is no end to the game when playing in Endless mode. 
The health and strength of the enemies simply increase. You won’t necessarily 
become weaker, though, as your strikes will deal more damage. You will get a 
reset after every thirty minutes of survival, after which it becomes more 
difficult to do so.

The relics that you must collect in order to access Endless Mode are as follows:

* Grim Grimoire - Inlaid Library.
* Ars Gouda - Dairy Plant.
* Milky Way Map - Dairy Plant.
* Magic Banger - Green Acres.
* Sorceress’ Tears - Gallo Tower.
* Glass Vizard - Moongolow.
* Mindbender - Complete 50 Entries in the Collection.
* Yellow Sign - Holy Forbidden.
* Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane - Bone Zone.
* Great Gospel - Cappella Magna.
* Randomazzo - Gallo Tower.

How to Kill Red Death:
Written by Kermit The Frog

This guide will show you how to kill red death at 30 minutes.

-=Step 1=- (Defeating Moongolow and Obtaining the Yellow Sign)
First you need to unlock Moongolow, this is done by getting to 25 minutes and 
defeating the boss that spawns on any 4 stages.

Next you need to go to Moongolow and get to 14 minutes as a non-secret character 
and a special boss will spawn.

You need to defeat this special boss, after the boss is defeated you will get 
teleported to a stage called “Holy Forbidden” where you need to progress to the 
end without dying and pickup the drop in the beam of items at the end past the 
wall of the regular map.

-=Step 2=- (Killing Red Death)
Once you have unlocked the Yellow Sign you are ready to head into a stage to 
kill Red Death.

I recommend using Inlaid Library as it is the easiest stage in Vampire Survivors.

Once you spawn in you should notice additional floor pickups on the sides of the 
map, you need to prioritize getting to these or else you cannot kill red death.

Once you get the items in your inventory you need to max them out and make sure 
you take and max out laurel and clock lancet once they are maxed pick up chests 
to evolve them into crimson shroud and infinite corridor.

I recommend using a strong beefy character for this so you have a higher chance
 of success, move clockwise around red death when you get there so that the clock 
lancet freeze beams emitted by infinite corridor are consistently freezing death 
in place.

Once you have defeated red death you will have unlocked the “Mask Of The Red 
Death” character.

Note: empty tome is good for this because it speeds up the freeze beams, and 
every time you beat red death you get 5 free golden eggs.

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