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  Hints and Tips for: Virtual Springfield 
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 Virtual Springfield Cheats

Virtual Springfield

Get all 75 cards:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

The fastest way to get all 75 cards is to walk back and forth 
between Mr.Burns' office and the Reactor Core and collect the 
same cards.

Another way to get the 75 cards is by going to Krusty Studio 
and looking under the Law Of Labor paper, then go into a studio,
go back out and look under it again - do this over and over 

Location select: 
While playing a game, press [Alt] + [F3] to display the map.
Then, hold [Shift] + V + S and double-click on a destination.

During the game, hold down the Shift, V, and S keys simultaneously,
then double-click your destination; you will automatically be taken

Submitted by: mr.zerg

Once you get Krusty's key, you can go into his room and get a card 
from looking at the T.V. screen.  After that go outside of that 
studio room and get a card from the poster. Repeat this proccess
to get all the cards!

* To make sure you're not overlooking anything, drag the pointer 
  slowly over every item onscreen. Also look behind posters and 
  other things that may hide clues, keys, or cards.

* You can find a character card at Apu's Kwik-E-Mart in the fish 
  and chips display; just click Captain McCallister's pipe.

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