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  Hints and Tips for: Virtual Corporation 
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 Virtual Corporation Cheats

Virtual Corporation

This walkthru is only one of a few possible walkthrus. 
There are several ways of becoming President, depending 
on which job you start with and which gender you choose 
for your persona. 

Bold words or phrases are words or phrases you use in the 
game. You can press F1 and choose that item, or click with 
the left mouse button on the BrainStorm box and select that 
item, or use the voice system to speak that item. 
Names/phrases inside [ ] (e.g. [Gary]) are video sequences. 
In most cases, Use phone means wait for phone to ring and 
then Use phone. 

Logon as a new user and proceed to the government node. Pick 
the first female persona from the left side that costs 5000 
credits (you may need to scroll the screen to the right/left?). 
Goto Pogodyne, Apply for job. At interview (you will get a 
different job depending on your responses) answer the questions 
in the following order: Yes, Yes, Business, A good job, Yes, A, 
Yes, None (or anything). Once you get the email (you should have 
the receptionist job): exit (or press ESC). Check your status. 
Optional: Goto Net Police, Buy Anti-Virus (cost is 1000 credits). 
Goto Pogodyne, Enter Elevator. Use phone, [Gloria], Gary Boyle, 
Yes. Use phone, [Gary]. Use phone, [Jerry Burns], No. [Stephanie 
Owens conversation], Yes. [News about pong virus].

Play pong virus (use the space key for Anti-Virus if you 
bought it) - unless you are low on credits, it won't matter 
if you lose. Use phone, [Marnie], Yes. Use phone, [Gary], 
No. Use phone, [Ben], No. [News about]. You'll 
now get promoted to Office Assistant - Adm'. 

After you save your game, check your status (more than likely 
you'll need energy and a vacation). If not there Goto Pogodyne. 
Enter elevator. Use phone, [Bob], No. Use phone, [Gary], No. 
Use phone, [Bob], Yes. Use phone, [Bob], Yes.

Email from Bob (read it!). Email from Winston, 1 (send the 
information), email from Winston. Use phone, [Gary]. Riddle 
man - you'll only lose credits if you fail to answer the riddle. 

You'll now get promoted to Junior Clerk. Save game and check 
status. If not there Goto Pogodyne. Enter Elevator. Use phone, 
[Bob], I don't know. Use phone, [Marnie]. Email from Bob.

Email from Bob. Use phone, [Linda], Yes Use phone, [Gary], 
Yes Use phone, [Bob], Linda and Gary. [News about artificial 

You'll now get promoted to Clerk. Save game and check status. 
If not there Goto Pogodyne. Enter Elevator. [News about 
googolplex]. Use phone, [Bob], No. Use phone, [Linda], No.

Use phone, [Ben], No (if you say Yes here you will be able 
to marry him later). Use phone, [Stephanie], 
Yes, 1 ([ctrl][alt][insert]). Email from Stephanie. Use 
phone, [Jerry], No. [News about Netracker]. 

You'll now get promoted to Department Head. Save game and 
check status. If not there Goto Pogodyne. Enter elevator.

Use phone, [Linda talks about Leslie's promotion], Yes. 
Email from Leslie. Email from Barnaby, 4 (Ask Tracy about ...), 
email from Barnaby, 1 (Tell them ...), email from Barnaby. 
Riddle man. 

You'll now get promoted to Assistant GM - Operations. Save 
game and check status. If not there Goto Pogodyne. Enter 
elevator. Use phone, [Linda], Virtual Studio. Use phone, 
[Marnie]. Use phone, [Linda]. Email from Winston, 1(Submit ...), 
email from Winston. From now on you are on your own!

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