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  Hints and Tips for: Zenith: The Last City 
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 Zenith: The Last City Cheats

Zenith: The Last City

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Find Your Way Around in Zenith:
Written by GARIS

There are a couple of things you can do to find your way in Zenith MMO. First, 
you can limit yourself to one quest at a time and immediately proceed to complete
that quest upon receiving it. You can also listen closely to the NPCs or read 
the quest before accepting it. Despite this, players may still find themselves 
getting lost.

-=What to do if you’re lost in Zenith: The Last City=-
If you find yourself lost in Zenith MMO, there are a couple of solutions to 
find your way:

Open Your Map: Open up the menu and select the Map tab. This is the icon that looks 
like the globe. This map will have various markers, including your location and your 
quest’s objective markers.

Open Your Compass: Bring up your compass by pressing the X button on your left 
controller. This is the disc-looking object that attaches to your left arm. It 
will point you in the direction of your quests and show all current quests on 

your screen.
Look Up: Objectives are marked on your screen with a yellow column of light. If 
you look up, you might be able to spot this beam of light and head toward it. 
This may not work if your view is obstructed.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
Here you can find some useful tips and tricks for better gameplay in the Zenith MMO.

-=How to delete or change your name=-
You’ll have to delete your character and make a new one.

-=How to open mini map on Vive=-
* Go into the steam controller bindings.
* Select custom binding instead of default.

Disable “mirror mode”.
* Map the “South” direction on the right trackpad “ThirdButton”.
* Pressing down on the right trackpad then toggles the minimap and the quest 
  list overlay.

-=Quest details always in view=-
* You can keep your compass open that displays the quest requirements in the side. 
  I don’t think it fades if you avoid pressing the button for it.
* pending on what VR system you have, it seems to be mapped to whatever your system 
  considers to be “ThirdButton”. For example on Vive, it’s mapped to the down arrow 
  on the right trackpad.
* Where to find statue above the darkness
* It’s on an arch over a cave entrance.

-=How to complete the cooking quests=-
* Go into your inventory.
* There you will see a recipe the icon is an open book
* Grab and hold it.

-=About classes=-
First off, each main class is able to spec between the regular holy trinity subclasses 
(dps/tank/support) so with this design paradigm, every current and future class is 
guaranteed to have a support role as well. (Keep in mind that supporting does not 
necessarily mean healing.)

Currently there are two main classes in the game, so one support spec exists for each. 
The Essence Mage support plays similar to a classic healer with several thrown/aimed 
skills that can both AoE heal as well as do damage, and even their basic attack (aimed
projectiles) can weave in emergency healing in a pinch. The Blade Master support is more
utility/buff based but possesses an aimed forward healing slash as well as some indirect
healing for themselves and a single ally. Both of them have plenty of offensive skills,
which can be partially swapped around to customise your build further, and definitely 
do a respectable amount of damage as well.

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