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  Hints and Tips for: Zero Sievert 
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 Zero Sievert Cheats

Zero Sievert

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips to Make the Game Easier:
First of all not all of this map is your enemy, donít even thingking 
shoot Green Army in early game they not at your level.

Iím recomended you my strategy:

* Chose equipment 3, you will get 2 medkit, 4 bandage, 2 First Aid, 2 
  bottle of water, 1 cup of tea, 1 can food, 3 bread, 1 school bag, 1 
  bulletproof vest, 1 PU Scope, 1 PM Makarov (pistol), 1 Mosin Nagant 
  (sniper), 120 pistol bullet, and 40 sniper bullet. Iím recomended this 
  because Mosin Nagant + PU Scope is best sniper weapon you can get in 
  early game, chose to long range battle not close. + Snipe a normal 
  bandit have chace like 80% they die in 1 bullet.

* Oh yeah, donít get all in your bag just bough bullet and 1 bottle of 
  water, itís will be okay as long you carry out my strategy.

* Use you pistol and hold right mouse button to look far away, this 
  will help you to enter front of enemy face.

* In the early game you must plant in you mind ďyou want to get out of 
  the forest fastĒ, so when you drop from train open your map and go 
  to exit area as fast you can. After you found the area you can choose
  to exit or more little hunting, but remember to not far from exit.

* Just hunt Bandit in early, donít thingking to hunt Loners or Hunters 
  they wasting time to you in early game. But for bandit donít hunt in 
  village they to strong.

* Do this plan until you finish Forest Second Mission (kill bandit and 
  wolf), when you finish take SKS as your reward, so now you can leave 
  pistol and use SKS. just buy the bullet in the vendor if you donít 
  found free bullet in forest.

* Now you have SKS, you can go Sawmill to hunt 6 Bandit, donít enter 
  the main building except you gun have muzzle.

* After have better gear you can start hunting in village, but you must 
  learn. Donít rush like a boar. Every bandit in there donít die in 1 
  hit, they die with 2 snipe and they know to hide so be worry. And 
  their leader Lazar have like rain bullet so just snipe him like 4-5 

How to Collect Crystals?:
Written by Lockin277

You only need to approach the crystal arrangement in the area that emits 
fire for Red, and green lava for the green one.

Use your bolts (Press G) to find your way through the reds anomalies. 
If you are a good thrower you canīt take damage. 

-=Where to Find Blue Crystals?=-
The Blue one you can only get in Makeshift Camp at Radio Tower location, 
precisely on the Blue Lighting Anomaly. Kill the Anomaly then check the body 
and you can get 1-3 Blue Crystall.

Remember they are long range thunder attack, so you donít want near them. 
And if you shoot them once they will follow you entire map.

Water Tips:
Written by Guide

-=Tips on How to Maintain Water Supplies=-
* You can get water by buying it from the bartender in the Bunker, you can 
  also craft water at the crafting table in your room.
* Even after you have a kitchen you can make clean water faster.
* And if you have trouble getting water, you can buy Blue Stem at the Doctor.
* Buy all of the water & milk from the bar everyday after 7:30.
* You can drink the rotten water before crafting to recover more thirst if 
  the rads isnít a problem. Itís 30 thirst from 2x rotten water, versus 20 
  for pure water.
* Donít eat dry food like dry bread or raw meat, buy bread & cooked meat 
  from the bar and craft meat sandwiches instead. Every time you eat dry 
  bread you lose another 3 thirst, which is pointless because as you said, 
  food is plentiful, so why deplete your thirst.
* Try eating rotten cheese instead of dry bread. Again if rads arenít a 
  problem for you. Itís cheap too. The bar sells some.
* As long as you follow the above and stay away from dry bread/raw meat you 
  should be more than fine. Youíre basically digging yourself into a hole 
  if you consume those things. One of the best ways to have more water is 
  to prevent losing it in the first place.

Tips For Hunters

-=Tip #1=-
Equip your weapon and prepare to fire. Sounds absurd? You will be surprised.
Be sure to reload the ammo each time you respawn. shifted to a different locale? 
Reload the ammo, as you could have anticipated. There is nothing worse than
 fighting and running out of ammo while having to take a break to reload!

-=Tip #2=-
Unbelievably, avoiding greed reduces the number of deaths.
Do you actually require that pig meat? Stop thinking ďJust one more kill!Ē or 
ďI can fit one more thing into my rucksackĒ and go toward the extraction site 

-=Tip #3=-
That takes me to tip # 3. Everybody loves to hoard, right? WRONG! When you can, 
heal yourself with those medications. Observe the statistics, avoid carrying too 
much, avoid getting fat, and most importantly, survive.

-=Tip #4=-
Start by performing smaller raids.
Weíve all encountered raids in the past, where we were fired at by several bandits 
in one way and gobbled up by ghouls in the other, which typically meant the game 
was finished. Accept tiny raids, dispatch a few bandits, complete the dayís good 
act, and move on.

-=Tip #5=-
Checking the location of the extraction points should always be your first step 
when entering a map. This gives you a head start on deciding which path to pursue 
in a fleetingly safe environment. You can even put a flag to the location you
 need to go if you right click on the map.

-=Tip #6=-
Then take a nap.
So you donít have an own bed? Share with one of your hunting companions. 
Replenish, then venture back out.

-=Tip #7=-
The wheel on a mouse.
This one is simple to miss, but when the pop-up tooltip displays, use the mouse 
wheel to choose different options.

-=Tip #8=-
We previously stated ammunition, but hereís a secret: ammunition is present in 
enemy firearms (I know, obvious!). Once your adversary is dead, discharge the 
ammunition. Save those bullets, please!

-=Tip #9=-
Due to surrounding obstructions, it is important to peek around your corners. You 
never know where your adversaries might be! And that is how I came to have a scar 
on my face.

-=Tip #10=-
Definitely not! In my opinion, if something moves, shoot it. Iíll leave that up 
to your conscience, unless itís Igor. However, itís advisable to hold back if you 
do come across an entire army that wonít shoot unless you shoot first. Tricky, but 
who says staying alive is simple, huh?

What Is the Difference Between Types of Ammo:
Thereís normal ammo, ammo that increases damage (so good against flesh/mutant) 
then thereís ammo with armour piercing Ė good for higher tier enemies with higher 
tier armour.

For shotgun thereís close range ammo and 2 blue medium-range decent armour pen 
ammo (so the gun fulfills 2 roles and is great early).

Thatís mostly it.

Some other that helps with recoil instead, but still.

Ammo with black tips are the best Ė those are armour pen ammo, is mostly what you 
wanna use. takes longer to unlock those and factions have access to different 
black tip ammo (as well as weapons and other gear in general) so choose who you 
wanna end up joining wisely.

I mostly use normal ammo then black tip/armour pierce, mutants are easily handled 
enough once you get a general handle on the game (your experience may vary), just 
infestations you need be a little more prepared for.

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