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  Hints and Tips for: Ziggurat 
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 Ziggurat Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

While you are playing, type one of the following codes to activate 
the corresponding effect. Note: Using cheats while playing disables
leaderboards and achievements.

Effect                                           Code
Activate cheats                                - idkfa
All weapons, ammo and level portal artiffact   - rambo
Commit suicide                                 - iddqd
God mode                                       - quicken
Level up                                       - shazam
Recover all health                             - ponce
Kill all enemies in the current room           - massacre
Reveal whole map.                              - ravmap
Lose all weapons and mana                      - idkfa
Disable weapon camera.                         - mrjones
Enable VGA mode (320×200 approximately).       - carmack
Enable Next-Gen mode (chromatic aberration).   - nextgen

Easy "Relieve the pain" achievement:
Some weapons and spells cause elemental statuses, such as being 
poisoned, slowed, or frozen. When under such an effect, the enemy 
will display an effect, such as glowing green when poisoned or 
being covered in ice when frozen. Any enemy that dies during one 
of these effects will qualify for the "Relieve the pain" achievement. 
To farm this, find a Serpent Staff. It has a 100% chance to inflict 
the poison status upon a hit. Progress until you encounter the 
shaman Boss or random shaman enemies. Shamans can summon extra 
enemies indefinitely, especially carrots. Hit a carrot with a single 
bolt from the staff to usually leave it poisoned until it dies 
shortly afterwards. Keep killing carrots spawned by shaman using this 
method until you get the "Relieve the pain" achievement.

Guide to Save Video Settings:
Written by Zorid

-=Config Location=-
C:/Program Files(x86)/Steam/Userdata/You Personal ID number folder 
(folder with numbers/308420(find folder with this number)/Remote..

-=Config File=-
Once in this last folder you should find: global_config.xml

Right click this file and open with notepad and set your resolution 
to what you want, save and exit.

You should be good after this.

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