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  Hints and Tips for: Zumbi Blocks 2 
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 Zumbi Blocks 2 Cheats

Zumbi Blocks 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Defeat the Zumbi Queen Easy (Open Alpha):
Written by senadistik

Hey all, we all know how we got immediately decked the first time we crossed 
paths with this zombie boss, she is a very formidable opponent, is hard to 
hit and has very strong attacks. You may feel frustrated after many attempts
of defeating her, but fear not! This guide shall guide your way towards getting 
over the hard task.

-=Preparing for the Approach=-
First off, you will have to be well prepared to take on the queen.

Find the best weapons you can currently get, a good ranged weapon that deals 
lots of damage is important.

Stock up on lots and lots of ammo, you’ll know you have enough when you have 
about 200 bullets for your weapon of choice.

Hydration and healing items are also important, as you do not want to run out 
of stamina or health during the encounter.

You can stock up on food and nutrition, too, to make the fight a little easier, 
however, this is not important.

-=Finding the Queen=-
Take a look at your map by pressing M.

There will be around 4 bosses on each playthrough on average. Each of them are 
marked with an exclamation mark.

The Riot Zumbie is usually marked with a grey exclamation mark, and is always 
found at a police station.

The Queen Zumbie is usually marked with a green exclamation mark, and is always 
found on the top of a three-story metalworking building.

Unlike the Riot Zumbie, the Queen Zumbie is not easily accessible, as you will 
have to fight your way through all three stories of the metalworking building, 
where lots of Zumbies will be guarding her.

Once you reach the top of the building, you will meet the Queen patiently lying 
in her slumber before a cutscene plays when approaching.

Many Zumbi Blocks players have been discussing how to properly deal with the 
Queen, however I think I have found a good method that should work for everyone.

First off, quitely approach the Queen from an angle where she can not percieve 
you while you approach. In this state, the Queen does not know you yet, so she 
is very prone to attacking you at this stage.

Use this short moment of vulnerability to make some contact. Give a light pet 
on the forehead, behind the horns, on the hips or on the shoulders. This should 
clearly signal that you are not a threat and that you are, indeed, here not to 
fight. Do not touch the wings at this stage, as the Queen could see this as an 

This will certainly wake the Queen up, you should take these next vital moments 
to introduce yourself. A light hello will do the trick, and saying your name to 
her will do a good job of building up trust and rapport very early on.

Next up, some small talk to socially lubricate the situation. Ask why she is 
sleeping atop of a large house, mention the good weather, or the beauty of the 
island you have both found yourselves on.

A compliment will also go a long way. Complimenting the eyes, horns and wings 
is most popular.

-=Finishing It=-
Now that you have made acquaintance with the Queen, you are free to proceed 
with the late stage of the first-time engagement.

Be the first to strike up conversation, and always make an effort to uphold 
it. Show interest, not desperation, but also not absolute indifference. It is 
key to strike up a good balance. Talk about yourself, ask about the Queen, 
and how it is commanding a whole army of Zumbies. I can tell you, there is no 
shortage of topics you two could talk about. Start off slow and easy but don’t 
be afraid to spice up the conversation later!

At this stage it is also possible that you make some subtle nudges, like smiling 
in a sincere way, staring for a bit longer than expected, making more light body 
contact and displaying good and light-hearted humour. Only through exerting a 
friendly and forthcoming aura do you have any chance at emotionally bonding 
with the Queen to a further level. Be a good listener, and have some good things 
ready to be listened to.

And that is basically it! You have now made friends with the Queen Zumbie. What 
you do from this point is up to you.

You can ask her out on a long walk along the shoreline, visit the local suburban 
neighborhoods, take the Riot Zumbie down at the police station out for a coffee 
break with her, cutting down hordes of other survivors together, or even asking 
her to come over to your spawn point to spend the night together. Just don’t move 
too fast, or it might end up going backwards!

Now enjoy your days with the Queen. You’ve earned it, King.

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