Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas [Part 2] Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas [Part 2] 
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 Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas [Part 2] Cheats

Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas [Part 2]

Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas [Cheats and Hints - Part 1]

GTA San Andreas X-Files updates:
Submitted by: Omega

1.Alcatraz prison: Busted
  From a rumor in WCTR. After several days check in game and in the internet I confirm that 
  it's a mod. After following all the strategies I realize that I've spent too much time for 
  such a nonsense thing (maybe the clip on the internet convinced me). If you REALLY want to 
  see the island, just search with the key word 'GTA San Andreas Alcatraz MOD'

2.Black Hell 1, Black Hell 2 vŕ Blue Hell: Confirmed
  They are just different names of the famous 'Underworld glitch'. I will give you some strategies 
  to get those location.
1)In Los Santos, go to Pro laps clothes shop. Equip the jetpack (cheatcode: YECGAA), come close 
  to the door then lift up, go forward a little bit and you will be in Blue Hell

2)In San Fierro, go to the station (just behind the construction near CJ's garage). Equip the 
  jetpack, lift up to the 3rd floor and fly under the dome the up and forward a little bit then 
  down (maybe it takes a few try)

Note: There's many ways to enter Blue Hell, just find it in the internet for all of them.

3.UFO (again): Plausible
  This info is from a gaming website. Go to the desert to the bottom of the big parabola radar. 
  take the night vision, equip and you'll see a flash dot moving very fast. There's an in game 
  picture so I think it's not a fake. What can it be?

4.Vice City map in the basket: Confirmed
  My friend confirmed it for me. And I am trying hacking to find it.
5.Motorbike with no engine: Confirmed
  It's just a BUG.

6.Bad cop: Confirmed
  In Los Santos, At the police Underground Garage, equip police suit (dating Barbara), enter the 
  garage and you'll see 2 cops rampage a gang/a girl

7.Walk/Drive underwater: Confirmed
  In Red County find the river there's a ledge near a red bridge, if you jump into the water and swim 
  to the ledge, you will drop into a no water zone. From here yo can spawn car an drive underwater.
  More infos may come later.

GTA San Andreas X-Files:
Submitted by: Omega

This is a short info about easter eggs and secrets in the game
1. Dead body bags in the desert: Confirmed
   You can find it next to the abandoned air strip (and there is also a BOBCAT here)
2. UFO: Busted
   Just a MOD. Forget it.
3. Big Foot: Busted (at least in the PC version)
   NEVER SEEN him once. I spent a whole day but can not encounter him
4. Bio well: Confirmed
   Nothing special. Bombing it to remove the cover and there goes nothing.
5. Crashed airplan: Confirmed
   Some time the airpaln will fall down from the sky. Nothing special just because the sstupid AI.
6. Leatherface: Plausible
   Haven't try this yet (maybe an error of the image of CJ or just a mod)But the wheel chair is REAL..
7. Grant Bridge: Confirmed
   Find a jetpack and see yourself.
8. The Underworld: Confirmed
   Noted: there's many ways to enter the Underworld
9. Serial Killers: Plausible/Busted
   Look like a mod but my friends said they were real.

Submitted by: Omega

To have 100% complete of the game you have to complete all the submissions that 
listed on the Stat like: spraying tags, collecting horseshoes, collecting oysters, 
taking snapshots, do the unique jumps, ...I can't give you any way to complete 
"spraying tags, collecting horseshoes, or do the unique jumps, without using 
third-party maps but I can give you some hints to do collecting oysters and taking 
snapshots. First about collecting oysters, you have to find it throughout the game 
world, but they are always located underwater. Most of them are under bridges. Can’t 
tell which bridge has oyster, which does not but it won’t cost too much time to steer 
around the game world if using ship (best is the Vortex hovercraft-cheatcode KGGGDKP).
Some of them are placed in lakes and dive-able pools (like the lake in LS and pool at 
Madd Dogg Crip). Just a few are placed at ‘nowhere’ place (a lighthouse, a dock ect.) 
About the snapshots mission, Snapshots can only be found in San Fierro, but the tricky 
thing here is that you can't even see them! You'll need to have a camera in your inventory 
to find these guys; when you're at a snapshot location, whip out your camera and scan 
around through its lens until you locate a small, rotating camera icon. Take a picture 
of it to gain the bonuses. The best way to do Snapshot is finding them at night. Looking 
for a mid-air white light (just like the light of street lamp but without anything hanging 
it). I had seen it but didn’t know what it was till I knew about the snapshot mission. Zoom 
the camera at the light and you’ll see the icon. If you don’t have enough time to find all, 
simply save the game until it is dark, but what’s CheatBook for? Enter the ‘Tonight at nine’ 
code OFVIAC or always midnight XJVSNAJ (may be this is the real mening of these cheats), so 
you’ll have all-night-long to do it. That’s the best I can help, but if you still can’t do
it, Google might help.

Submitted by: Omega

I can’t tell you how to find unique jumps but I can tell you which vehicle is best
for this mission. Any difficult jump can be solved by Bullet (Ford GT-like car) with
10x NOS (It is light, fast, and gain top speed fast enough); and if the line to the 
launch pad is too narrow (like the one near Katie house) use NRG-500 or FCR-900 is OK.
If you launch the car so far but still can’t acquire, may be you didn’t hit the right 
target (may be the rooftop, road, or over the bridge). So keep on looking for them.

Dating Katie:
You can find her near the gym in San Fierro. She likes speed and stunts but when it comes
for driving around the city, she says something else and wants something else. She says 
you to drive fast but don't get fooled, she likes moderate speed. Her favorite restaurant
is in Juniper Hollows. You get a medic outfit and free hospital visits when you are wasted
and also you get a Romero car.

Dating Barbara:
The sheriff of El Quebrados can be found in El Quebrados. She is also quite simple. Just
don't go for dancing with her. You will be absolutely late as club is very far and the 
progress will drop. Reload if she wants to dance. The other things also apply for Barbara
also. You get a cop car at half of the progress and cop suite for full progress. She also
saves your money and weapons when you get busted.

Dating Millie:
You meet her in the casino mission of Las Venturas. She is the simplest one. Just wear the
gimp suit you got while doing the mission and then you won't be going anywhere. You can 
raise the progress to 100% in nearly ten to eleven tries by this technique. She gives you
the keycard which is required in one of the missions. 
You also get a pink club as a vehicle reward.

Submitted by: -[echo9]-

Go to lil' probe inn; its a small area near the restricted area in the middle of the map
(of san andrias).use map to locate this area.

You'll find there a restaurant/road side inn' where you can play pool over bets.
ITs really an amzing experience; also there u'll get some pics of the famous UFO landings

Go to ACC defence aviation fuels depot or somthing similar in name (it is near the top most
edge(right-most corner of the map). use map to locate this depot.
Near the back yard of this depot(but inside the boundary u will get the shells near the 
big fuel dumps back side) have fun~! ;)

These shells are helpful to create some smoke n the nearby pedesterians will have dificulty
to breathe.for more maile @ :-

Submitted by: Sameer

* If you want a fire Engine in San Andreas,Don't worry,just get a bomb and throw it anywhere.
  if u throw 5-6 then 2 exthiungish the fire fire engine will come.this cheat will workin 
   vice city also. just burn the police vehicle.

* In SA,u cant go beyond the stop signs.just go back straight from signboard .type flying 
  car cheat and go straight .If possible u will be able 2 go beyond it.

* If u want money without missions,Type "HESOYAM" and u will get full heaalth,armour and 

* If u hav any kind of hint for me ,send it to 

This is not a real cheat but a hint: 
Submitted by: Rohan Sharma

To drive your bike faster first get on the bike and write the jetpack's cheat. (ROCKETMAN)
Now drive the bike you will notice that the speed of bike has increased.

How to be saved by the police:
Submitted by: rishabh gupta

Use the cheat 'azakmi' and youll be saved from the police for more weapons use the cheat 

You can do it:
Submitted by:hassan

Pick any racing car and go to garage ang you can make it a very fast car having all 
facilities[every car can use].

Wanna stand in the air?:
Submitted by: Robin Mathew Rajan, Kerala, India. 

Yeah, of course, you can stand in the air without falling off...! Isn’t that amazing?. 
Actually it’s a glitch which I noticed in the game. First get on ‘Jetpack’ by typing 
‘YECGAA’ & go to the states border, where a stop sign & blockades are displayed. 
Then the real fun starts. Fly over the blockade & stand ‘exactly’ on the top of the 
blockade. Voila.! You can see the CJ is standing in the air without the help of Jetpack!!. 
Now you don’t require the use of Jetpack, so exit it off by hitting ‘Enter’ or ’F’. You can 
also walk or run along the lines of the blockade horizontally or between two blockades, even 
while standing in the air, but remember, do not cross the line of the blockade without Jetpack, 
or else you will fall off & get hurt.
If you wish to have more new cheats, hints or have any doubts, please feel free to mail me. 
My email: or visit my blog:  
Those who wish to have more details about me can find me on ‘Face book’, ‘Orkut’ & ‘MySpace’. 
You can also mail me to my postal address:
Robin Mathew Rajan,
Kottiserikudiyil (H), (Punchappadathu),
Chelad PO- 686681, Kothamangalam,
Ernakulam (Dist), Kerala, India.

Tag Locations-A BIG ONE:
Submitted by: Viraj

#1: Found in the story mission "Tagging Up Turf". 

#2: Found in the story mission "Tagging Up Turf". 

#3: Found in the story mission "Tagging Up Turf". 

#4: Found in the story mission "Tagging Up Turf". 

#5: Found in the story mission "Tagging Up Turf". 

#6: East Los Santos - About a block west of the Northeast corner of Los Santos. This tag is 
located on the side of some stairs that is located along the north side of a straight street 
(the one south of the northernmost street in the city). 

#7: Las Colinas - Along the northernmost street, just north of Location 6 and a little east. 
This tag is on the side of a yellow house on the south side of the street. It is actually the 
second house to the south (along the road heading to the south), on the south side of the house. 

#8: Las Colinas - Follow the northernmost road to where it ends to the east. This tag is located 
at the front of the building (facing the ocean) on the Southwest corner of the intersection. 

#9: East Beach - Follow the easternmost road south along the beach, just to the south of Location 
8. This tag is located on the north side of a building, right beside the easternmost road. 

#10: East Beach - Follow the road south some more from Location 9 until you reach a pedestrian 
overpass. Turn right into the parking lot, then make a quick left in the parking lot and you will 
see the next tag on a wall, next to a garage. 

#11: East Beach - Head back out to the road and turn left (north). Follow the road and turn at the 
first street to the left. Then turn right shortly afterwards into the parking structure. This tag 
is just to the right after entering the structure. 

#12: East Beach - Make a right back onto the road you just turned on (west), then make the first 
right. Just after the road heads up the incline, look on the right (east) side of the road and 
you will see some steps leading up to a building. Go up the steps and the next tag will be on the 
wall to the left. 

#13: East Beach - Continue following the road up the incline (to the north) and head past the first 
intersection. Stop right before the bridge (where it says Golden Palms on the building) and head 
east, then south around the building. Here you will see some body armor and the next tag (to the 
south of the armor, you have to hop the wall). 

#14: Los Flores - Go back south along the road to the intersection you just passed and turn right. 
Follow the road until you see an empty billboard on the right (north). This tag in on the side of 
the building across the street to the south of the billboard. 

#15: East Los Santos - Just west from Location 14, make a left (south) onto the road. Go straight 
and just past the intersection, you will see the next tag on the side of the building to the left 

#16: East Beach - Pause the game and look at the map. See that backward "S" shaped road on your 
map, to the southeast of your current location? That is where the next tag is, on the west side 
of the road (when the road is going north/south). 

#17: Los Flores - From the north end of the "S" shaped road where you found Location 16, turn north 
onto the road. You will see an alleyway on the left (west) side of the road. Go into that and 
follow it for a short ways and you will see another alley on the left (south). Head in there and 
you will see the tag at the end (to the left, you have to reach the end, then turn around to see it). 

#18: East Los Santos - This tag is located in the alleyway across the street to the west and north 
of Location 17. 

#19: East Los Santos - Right next to Location 18. You can't miss it if you found #18. 

#20: Found in the story mission "Tagging Up Turf". 

#21: East Los Santos - Head out to the road to the west of Locations 18 & 19 and turn left (south). 
Head to the end of the road and you will find stairs leading down to the road below, take them. 
Turn to the right and enter the tunnel. This is where this tag is located. 

#22: East Los Santos - Go to the road to the south and turn right (west). There will be a building 
on the left (Groceries Productos Mexicanos). Go around to the back of the buildings. This tag will 
be on the wall with a fence in front of it on the back of the building. 

#23: East Beach - Head all the way to the stadium. This tag is on the southern wall of the stadium 

#24: Playa Del Seville - Southeast of the stadium, this tag is on a wall on the beach facing the 
ocean (directly east of the southeast corner of the stadium). 

#25: Playa Del Seville - This tag is located on the north side of the wall on the building to the 
southeast of the stadium (on the corner, across from the stadium, on the wall facing the stadium). 

#26: Playa Del Seville - This tag is located along the road that is to the east of Location 25 
(along the beach). Follow the road south and you will see the next tag on the wall on the west side 
of the road (Just north of where the car is parked that sticks out onto the sidewalk. 

#27: Playa Del Seville - Continue south along the road and make the first right (west). You will see 
a basketball court above you on the right after making the turn. This tag is on the wall next to one 
of the hoops. 

#28: Ocean Docks - Continue west along the road that you turned on and make the second left. Go up 
to the bridge's support beam on the left, you will see the next tag (you have to climb up to the 
platform to spray it). 

#29: Playa Del Seville - Go back to where you found Location #25 and head just southwest of there. 
This tag is on the eastern wall next to the entrace to some generators along the west side of the road. 

#30: Playa Del Seville - Head directly south onto the road from Location 29 and follow it to the 
end. This tag is on the right (west) side of the road on a wall at the intersection. 

#31: Ocean Docks - Turn west down the road where Location 30 is and follow it to the next road on 
the right. This tag is located on the side of the building at the northwest corner of the intersection. 
It can easily be spotted from the road you are on. 

#32: Willowfield - Turn north along the road at the intersection and continue across the tracks and 
through another intersection. When the road starts to curve left, keep going straight off of the 
road. Then hook right into the flood control area. This tag is located on the wall in the flood 
control area on the northwest side (next to the beginning of a fairly long tunnel). 

#33: Ocean Docks - Head back out to the road where Location 31 is and follow it southwest, then south. 
Make a left (east) onto a road, then make a right and search near the water to the left (about halfway 
down before that road turns left). The tag will be on the side of some crates facing the water 
(right on the edge of the water, there is little room to back up and spray). 

#34: Ocean Docks - Head back to where Location 30 is and go north along the road. Make a left at the 
next intersection. This tag will be on the left (south) side of the road in the flood control area 
underneath the bridge. 

#35: Willowfield - Go back up to where the road is and follow it west, make the first right and 
follow it around, then make another right. Follow that to the end and make a right. This tag is on 
the side of the 98 cent store on the northeast corner of the intersection that is just to the south 
of where you turned. 

#36: Willowfield - Head to the north along the road you just turned on and make the first right 
(east). There will be a plaza on the right (south) side of the road. The tag is in the plaza, on 
the wall. 

#37: East Beach - Head all the way back up to where Location 9 is and head south along the main 
road there. Look for a building on the right (west) side of the road that says "East Pacific". 
Run all the way to the north side of the building and climb up onto the roof of the garage. 
Continue south along the roof and drop down to the roof below. This tag will be behind you, on 
the wall to the north when you fell down. 

#38: Willowfield - Go back to where location 35 is and go north along the road. This tag is 
located just past the first turn to the right along the left (west) side of the road on the 
south wall of the Cluckin' Bell Drive-thru. 

#39: Ganton - This one is located underneath the overpass that is just west of your house, 
on the south side of the road. 

#40: Ganton - Continue west along the road, past the intersection. This tag will be behind 
the car park on the left (south) side of the road next to the chain link fence. 

#41: Jefferson - Head back to the road you were just on and continue west. Cross the bridge 
to the north that is just on the other side of the track and continue north until you see 
some houses on the left (west) side of the road (just across the bridge). This tag is located 
on the north side of one of the houses. 

#42: Jefferson - Continue north on that road and when it ends, look for that triangular 
building on the right in front of you. Check one of the inner walls for this tag. 

#43: East Los Santos - Head east on the road and make the second left (north) after the railroad 
tracks. This tag is on the left (west) side of the road just north of the intersection in an alley. 

#44: East Los Santos - Continue north on the road and just past the next intersection, you will 
see an underground car park on the left (west) side of the road. This tag is in the car park on 
the western wall. 

#45: Las Colinas - Continue north along the road and make a left (west) when the road ends. 
Stop where the railroad tracks are and go to the tunnel to the north where the tracks go into. 
This tag is at the entrance to the tunnel on the western wall. 

#46: Las Colinas - Go back to the road you were just on and continue west. Make the first right 
(north) and follow the road up the large slope. Make a right (east) at the end follow this road 
until you see a dirt road on the left (north). Go behind one of the buildings on the north side 
of the road and to the west of the dirt road. This tag is behind one of the buildings. 

#47: Las Colinas - Head west on the road you were on (northernmost) road and continue until the 
road starts to curve left (south). This tag is located on the left (south) side of the road in 
between two houses (on the western side of the blue building) very close to the road. 

#48: Glen Park - Continue following the road as it curves south and make the first right. As this 
road begins to curve left (south), stop and search the neighborhood to the south. This tag is in 
the second courtyard from the west in the north part of the neighborhood. 

#49: Las Colinas - Turn around and head east on the road past the intersection. See that orange 
building on the north side of the road? This tag is located in the narrow alley on the east side 
of the building, on the wall of the house next to it. 

#50: Las Colinas - Run north through the alley where Location 49 is found. Look to the right (east). 
See those zig zag stairs? This is where the next tag is found (at the bottom on the side of the 
stairway). #51: Jefferson - Follow the road where Location 50 is found southeast to the end and 
you will see an orange hotel straight ahead. This tag is located on the back wall underneath some 
stairs. The hotel is west of the railroad tracks (southwest of Location 45). 

#52: Jefferson - From the intersection (front of the hotel), head west on the road and then make 
the first left (south) by the hotel, then make the first right. Head into the neighborhood to the 
south and go in the alleyway. This tag is next to a garage on the north side of the alleyway. 

#53: Jefferson - Go back to the road where you turned onto. Head into the parking lot to the north 
and go to the north part of the parking lot. Climb the fence to the west and just west past the 
building look to the south. You should spot this tag on the wall behind another chain link fence. 

#54: Glen Park - This one is in the middle of Glen Park (the big park in the north-central part 
of town with a lake in the middle of the park), just north of the lake, under the bridge. 

#55: Glen Park - Across the street from the south-central part of Glen Park. This tag is located 
in a narrow alleyway on the western side of the building that says "Optica". 

#56: Glen Park - Directly south of Location 55 and across the street to the south, this tag is 
located in the skate park in the northeast corner on the wall. 

#57: Jefferson - Head east on the road that is north of the skate park. You should see a hospital 
on your right (south). Make a right at the end of the road. Follow the bend and make another right 
(sticking close to the hospital). This tag is on the hospital wall on the right (west) side of the 
road near the the red flowers. 

#58: Idlewood - Head all the way back to your house in Ganton. Go west on the road and when you 
get to the bridge that heads north, turn left (south) instead. Make a right (west) at the end and 
follow the road to the next intersection. Cross the railroad tracks to the west and to the left 
(south) you will see a 24 hour motel. Go into the parking lot. This tag is located on the north 
wall of the motel. 

#59: Willowfield - Head back to the road where the motel is on and follow it west to the 
intersection and make a left (south). Continue south past the pizza place and you will see a 
street on the left (east). Stop here and search the building on the right (west) side of the road 
you are on (where the road ends that you see on the left (east)). This tag is located on the south 
wall of the building. 

#60: Idlewood - Turn around and head north on the same road to the pizza place and head west on 
the road across from the pizza place. This tag is located on a window on the north side of the road. 

#61: Idlewood - Go back to the pizza place and head north on the road and follow it all the way up 
to the end (don't go up the incline!). This tag is in the courtyard north of where the road ends, 
on the east wall. 

#62: Idlewood - Head west on the road to the south of the courtyard. When the road curves left 
(south), head straight into the neighborhood. This tag is in this neighborhood, continue straight 
and when you reach a wall, you will see this tag behind you and to the left (south) on a wall. 

#63: Idlewood - Head back out to the road and follow it south. Make the first right, then another 
right and follow this as it curves left (west). Go down to the intersection. This tag is located 
on the building to the left (south) on the west side of the building, near the northwest corner 
of the building. 

#64: Little Mexico - Continue west along the road (across the intersection) and go to where the 
first road is on the left (south). This tag is on the north side of the building on the southeast 

#65: Little Mexico - Head south on the road where the building is (in Location 64) and make a 
right (west) at the end. Look at the church on the south side of the road and you should spot 
this tag easily. 

#66: Little Mexico - Turn around and head east on the road and follow it to the end. This tag 
is located on the northwest corner of this intersection, on the side of the white building with 
the red awning. 

#67: Idlewood - Head south along the road at the intersection and make a quick left (east). 
Follow the road until you see a gas station (there is a parked Broadway on the side of the gas 
station). This tag is located on the roof of the gas station. Use the Broadway or another car 
to climb up to the roof. The tag is located on the back of the sign. 

#68: El Corona - Head back west on the road you were on before and make a left (south) at the end. 
This tag is located just south of the 69 cent store, on the south side of the Liquor Mart. 

#69: El Corona - Continue south on the road and follow it left (east). Make a right (south) at 
the next intersection, then another right, followed by another right turn. You should now be at 
a dead in neighborhood. Go forward (north) and you will see the next tag on the wall on the 
second floor of a house to the right (east). 

#70: El Corona - Turn around and head east on the street (south of the dead end road). This tag 
is located on the northwest corner of the intersection on the east side of the building (this one 
is easy to spot since it is right on the side of the road). 

#71: El Corona - Head south on the road past the intersection where Location 70 is and you will 
see a red building on the right (west) next to a billboard. This tag is located on the side of 
that building right next to the billboard (south side of the building). 

#72: El Corona - Continue south and make a right (west) at the end of the road. This next tag 
is on the north side of the road, just past the next intersection on a wall on the side of the 

#73: El Corona - Go east to the intersection you just passed and make a left (north) and follow 
it north. This tag is located just past the road leading to your house (if you purchased it), 
on the side of the house that is on the north corner of the intersection between the road you 
are on and the road leading to your house. 

#74: Idlewood - Head back to where you found Location 68 and head a little to the north of the 
69 cent store and you will see the flood control area. This tag is in the flood control area on 
the north side of the center divider on the east side of the bridge. 

#75: Pershing Square - Follow the flood control west under the bridge and go right (north) the 
first chance you get. Continue north and out of the flood control and then turn around and head 
south to the closest street. Head west on this street and when you get to the intersection, 
check the south side of the building to the north for the next tag (on the western portion of 
the south side of the building). NOTE: This building is the Police Station. 

#76: Pershing Square - See that large white building to the south? That is City Hall, it is 
also where the next tag is located. It is on the north side of City Hall (west of the entrance). 

#77: Commerce - Continue west along this road. The next tag is on the building across the street 
from Roboi's Food Mart (where you did the first Courier mission, don't forget to pick up the money 
while you're here). 

#78: Conference Center - Go to the road that is across the street to the west of the last tag 
(a little to the north as well). This tag is located on the building that is on the northwest 
corner. Use the stairs on the building to get to the second floor, the tag is on the eastern part 
of the building. 

#79: Market - Head north on the road where the building in Location 78 is. Pass the first 
intersection and you will see a fancy white building on the left (west) that goes into the ground. 
This tag is located on the north part of this building in the part that goes into the ground at 
the far north. 

#80: Downtown Los Santos - Head east on the road that is to the north of the fancy white building. 
Follow it as it curves right (south), then left (east) again. Keep heading east, under the freeway 
and make the first left after the freeway. This tag is located in the plaza on the right (east) 
side of the road. Go in the plaza a little ways and you will see a few tables. The tag is just 
to the west of the tables, near a couple of palm trees. 

#81: Downtown Los Santos - Head back to the road you had turned down (to the west of Location 80) 
and go north and make a left (west) at the second intersection. Go under the freeway again and 
when you reach the next intersection, search the east side of the building to the left (south) 
and you should see this tag on the wall. 

#82: Mulholland - Head north (right) at the intersection that is just west of Location 81. 
Turn right (east) when the road ends. This tag is in the parking lot on the left (north) side 
of the road. It is on the west side of the parking lot on a wall next to a couple of dumpsters. 

#83: Vinewood - Follow the road you were just on back west. Make the first right (north) and then 
the first left (west again). Continue for quite a ways (past another road that goes north (right)). 
This tag is located on the corner of the intersection that is just east of the "Strain Hard" 
billboard. The tag is on the wall on the southwest corner. This is also just northwest of the 

#84: Temple - Head back east and take the first right (south, on the eastern side of the pay-n-spray). 
You should see this tag on the right (west) side of the road on the wall. 

#85: Market - Continue south on the road to where it ends and make a left (east). Take the first 
right (south). This tag should be right on the corner where you just turned, on the right (west) 
side of the road. 

#86: Market - Continue south on the road and make a the first right (west). Follow this road until 
it ends and look to the southeast part of the intersection. This tag is located on the second floor 
of this building. Use the stairs around the corner to the south to get up there. 

#87: Market - Head south along the road and make a right (west) where the donut shop is. Make the 
next left (south) at the Cluckin' Bell. This tag is located on the second floor of the building 
across the street from the Cluckin' Bell to the south. Hop onto a car to climb up to the next 
floor. The tag is on the southeast corner of the building. 

#88: Marina - Go west on the road to the north of the building where Location 87 is. Go past the 
first intersection (with the Cluckin' Bell) and past the second as well. Then head into the 
neighborhood to the south. You should see some stairs leading down to the water. This tag is 
located down by the waterfront, on the wall just north of the dock. 

#89: Rodeo - Continue heading west on the road (before you went south into the neighborhood), 
pass the first intersection and stop at the second. Notice a small area between two buildings 
on the south side of the road and on the east side of the intersection. Go in here and go all 
the way to the end and you will see a billboard. This tag is located on the wall behind the 

#90: Rodeo - Head back to the intersection described in the last tag and head north. Follow this 
road to the end and you should see a Vinyl Countdown in front of you. This tag is located on the 
west side of the Vinyl Countdown. 

#91: Santa Maria Beach - This tag is located on the east side of the building at the very end of 
the pier (use the steps to get up to it). 

#92: Santa Maria Beach - This tag is located behind the pay-n-spray just to the east of the pier 
under an awning next to the beach. 

#93: Verona Beach - From the pay-n-spray, head east on the road for a little ways. When you see 
the third road to the left (north), stop. This tag is on the south side of the road you are on 
(towards the beach) on the corner of the building. 

#94: Verona Beach - Continue east along the road and when the road curves right (south), lookout 
on the east side of the road for the next tag. It is on the wall of the building on the southeast 
corner of the intersection with the road to the east. 

#95: Verdant Bluffs - Go east along the road that you found Location 94 on and make the first 
right. Follow the windy road up the mountain to the observatory at the top. Climb the stairs on 
the right (north) side of the building. Once at the top, go forward and look behind you. 
You should see the next tag on the wall. 

#96: Los Santos International Airport - Head back to the road that had curved south along the beach 
(in Location 94) and follow the road south and then east (it curves left). Just before it goes into 
a tunnel, use the ramp heading north onto the freeway. Head east around the large circular building. 
See that strange "T" looking building in the center of the roads? This tag is located on the south 
side of that building. 

#97: Los Santos International Airport - Go back to the freeway and head south. Follow it as it curves 
left (east). Stop right before going into the tunnel. Look at the entrance to the tunnel on the south 
side above you. You should see the next tag. Head back west a little and climb up, then run back east 
to spray this tag. 

#98: Willowfield - Keep heading east on the freeway and follow it north and make the second left 
(northwest). Head up the next intersection, you should see this tag on the side of a house on the 
west corner. Hop the fence to get to it. 

#99: Downtown Los Santos - Head back to the road that is just west of Location 80 (the one in the 
plaza by the tables) and head north on that road. Go little past the first intersection. This tag 
is located on the building to the left (west) side of the road, just past the intersection, on the 
northern side of the building. 

#100: Mulholland - This one is located on one of the ramps on the northeastern portion of Mulholland 
Intersection. It is probably best to use the road coming in from the east/west to reach this one. It 
is on one of the support beams on the north side of the road that heads in from the east/west. 

Your reward in some respect as well as the Tec-9, Molotov Cocktails, Sawn-Off Shotgun and AK-47 +
appear inside of CJ's house in his kitchen. 


Submitted by: reysel dante

cant go in the next place (city) because the road is closed? even if you swim to shore you still 
cannot go because you will be caught by the police. to enter the next place (city) type this two 
cheats before going there. cheat 1- BAGUVIX cheat 2- AEZAKMI

Submitted by: SarathKumar

This is actually an advice. While playing on low hardware PC, you can Just activate "GHOSTTOWN" 
Cheat so that the traffic will be less and you can play game faster especially on racing missions.

Submitted by: Vincent Spaulding

When u r in Carl's first house(ie.the one in Los Santos) u will notice that there is a racing 
stadium nearby. Go there, there are two roads surrounding it. Go to the left lane and u enter a 
main road with sea on one side. Keep moving on the left with a jetpack. Nearby the first hoarding 
board(the one which is two sided and u can move between the the two sides/faces)Near it is an empty 
parking area. On it's roof is a gun also and on one corner is a shining new NRG-500. U can get it 
from here whenever u want and it can also be saved in the garage.

New codes:
Submitted by: apurv shaurya

few cheat codes which are usefull & easy to remember
jumpjet              - get hydra
worshipme            - maxrespect
ohdude               - get heli
chittychittybangbang - cars fly

Submitted by: Sarath k radhakrishnan,kerala,India

Hey guys in the level the big smoke the wrong tracks when u reach the railway station 
& park ur car in the red circle & when they tell u to follow the gangsters dont take 
the bike just type rocketman (for jetpack) &by this follow the train & land on the 
train & kill 4 of them.then when u come back just give smoke a ride to his home & 
mission is completed.

How to get weapons:
Submitted by: aldrin

Go and get busted then go into the police station you will get some new weapons for 
getting it search the full place then if the police shoot you type baguvix and type 
tsteducationalskills the come out and type the explosive weapon cheat code [uzumymw]
then type bekknqv so that all girls will have some weapons after typing that. Get 
wasted so in that area many girls will have weapon kill them and get those weapons.

To go to gta3(liberty city) From San andreas:
Submitted by: Surej

In my this submission i wanna tell you all how to get to liberty city. First kill 
everyone in the Los Santos gym then,use the jetpack, stand on the marker & fly up.
u reach in outerspace (or some place, i donno how to name it) open your map &dont 
move the cursor. press right arrow key & mark on the road onfar right of the stadium
(on the map,i.e; east) fly towards thre facing north. When you reach there,land down 
& walk facing north-east. Exit the door. you reach in some strange place.Again select
map & mark near vine wood. one block directly north-west of market station entrance
(Mark near a corner of some green patch.) lift off using jetpack & go for a two minute
ride facing south. u see some buildings. Land down u reach on St. marks,in front 
of Salvatore's House. If u want any help or hint,cheats etc....
ask me i will tell u the easiest way to complete any mission, A-Z.....hope u enjoy.

Want to practice firing and improve weapon skills:
Submitted by: yeshas nagkv

You must have seen a bar in ganton area go inside the bar and you will find some 
bottles on the table 'when you enter the bar it is located in the left' try to hit
the bottles and when you finish hitting there are more on the right side where the 
staff people will be standing and be serving the people, after you shoot all the 
bottles your weapon skill will incsrease "NOTE= I have done this and saying in my 
own experience, but dont shoot the people. ::TRY THIS::

Submitted by: awais ahmed

hi guys
doing missions is interesting but sometimes boring when attempts to complete a tough 
mission ar not successful . i have a solution 4this.just log on to
or and download ur uncompleted missions 
save fil o that u can continue with ur next missions.if u hav any queries write it 
@ my email.

$2000 immediately without using cheat:
Submitted by: Vox NK

This is a hint. When you start a new game you will be dropped in a ballas territory.At the 
beginning you will have only $350.At the beginning you will see a railway track. Near the 
railway track some persons will be standing without moving(especially a man in a brown tank 
and grey jeans and a man in white hood).If you stand near them they will ask you something. 
You will be asked to press N or Y to reply. Don't press anything and attack them continuously. 
You will be getting a 9 mm pistol and $2000. After some time you can find them near CJ's home.

GTA: SA Oyster Found!:
Submitted by: Alex

Okay, you guys know the Leatherface mod right? And you know the pier that he sits at? Well 
in case you didn't know, there is an oyster (easter egg) under the water at the end of that 
pier. I noticed it on a youtube video. You should go check it out at i think it's called 
Fisherman's Cove. Look on the map.

Submitted by: punit nakhawa

always first complete all missions and then go to do other submissions because it saves your tags ,snapshots ,horseshoes ,shells & unique jumps etc.

Body builder:
Submitted by: parthiban

instead of going to gym and getting muscles,you can enter "buffmeup"(without"")
in the gameplay to get maximum muscles.

How To Get A World Full Of Pink Cars & Stuff:
Submitted by: Thomas

GHYTUWE Is The Code It Worked For Me

Damage Repair:
Submitted by: jovi

While playing gta San Andreas it your car gets damaged or punctured just apply the cheat 
during game HESOYAM and every thing will be back to normal. Oh! by the way this applys on 
every and any vehicles you can drive in.

Where to fly the stunt plane:
Submitted by: Ayush Singh

If you want to fly the stunt plane the best place is the santa maria beach.First type the 
cheat code AEZAKMI so that the cops(police) are not after you.type the cheat code FLYINGTOSTUNT.
do not leave any gaps.sit in it and fly you'll get a long runway for flying enjoy 
WARNING!:Flying a stunt plane is very difficult so practice regularly.

Invulnerable cars:
Submitted by: Blizzard

First type "Jcnruad" without "".then type "allcarsgoboom" without "".now get in your do anything but your car won't get damaged you can even type "allcarsgoboom"
cheat but the other cars bursts not yours!!

No Pain No Gain:
Submitted by: Ankan Nag

While playing Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas i noticed that when the Gym unlocks we should 
concentrate in making stamina rather than muscle cause if we make muscles the game on goes 
slow to slower..cause due to its heavy space required & the recommendation of the hardware..
if your computer or laptop is high-fi still it gives a little disadvantage..thatz why never 
concentrate in making muscles..only concentrate in making stamina by doing the treadmill and 
bicycle..always keep it full...& while u swim underwater it helps u...not your muscles but 
your stamina...if u have any confusion than email me at & it also 
works in orkut...& in facebook..if u have any confusion that try ma email address in orkut..
& facebook..don't worry i will reply..i am a friendly guy...Have Fun...Enjoy..

No Reloading:
Submitted by: Aswin S Kumar

While you attack other gang members with guns,your ammo may finish.In this condition type 
the cheat 'fullclip' {without ''}

User tracks:
Submitted by: Zamil

You can play your own mp3 songs in san andreas.Just copy your mp3s to GTA San Andreas User 
Files\User Tracks and do a scan in game in the audio option. 

Hint: easy ways of finding nrg500(bike):
Submitted by: Samarth Aggarwal

to find nrg500 one way is to go to docks at sf and the other way is to just stand facing 
towards sweet's house & using the chaet "yecgaa" fly high &when you reach the highest height 
from jetpack you will see two vertical white pillars standing together.Nearby there is a 
parking slot like a spiral,you will find nrg500 on top of the parking slot.

How to play game in San Andreas:
Submitted by: Ankur Sharma

First you have to go in "The Johnson's House" form where you save your games in starting. 
When you have entered in the house, see on left side. You will see a T.V. and remote of 
video game go near to it and press enter to start playing.

How to win the RACES with the help of cheat codes:
Submitted by: Musa Ibne Mannan Imon

I think many of the gamers stumbles to win the races in GTA San Andreas.They need to work 
hard to win them.It's a pain,when you can't be first in those races.But,why don't you try 
with cheats?No,there's no code for being 1st in the race.But,we all know a code for flying 
cars- RIPAZHA .It not only helps to fly your car but also helps to fly others car.But,it's 
not seen normally, because normally San Andreas drivers don't drive so fast.But,when they 
start race,they drive as their sweet will.It's our point to win the races by cheating.
At the starting of the race-type RIPAZHA for enable cheat.Then,drive your car slowly.
So,you'll not jump in the air.But,your oppositions aren't aware of this matter,they'll be 
flying.So,they'll be not able to drive through the check-posts.So,they can't be the 1st.
You are driving slow,so,you are not flying.You can easily pass those check posts and be 
the winner.
Wish you good luck gamers...from Imon The Threat.

Using parachute:
Submitted by: sakra

it is a hint to use parachute.first type "aiypwzqp" and you have a parachute than type "jumpjet" 
and a plane will come sit on the plane and go up and up until the parachute is full.when parachute 
level is full click enter and get down from the plane when you are in air click lmb and you will 
come down to the ground by parachute.enjoy!

End of the Line:
Submitted by: Amrit

End Of The Line Difficulty: 
CS: CJ & Sweet get together to go after Smoke. 

GP: Get in the car and head to Big Smoke's Crack Palace in Los Flores. 

CS: When they arrive, CJ tells Sweet he's going in alone. Sweet disgruntly agrees. 

GP: You'll need something to smash down the front of that building, a near by SWAT Truck will 
work perfectly. Jump on the bike and go get it. Tank out the cops so they don't drag you 
out of the SWAT Truck and bust you. Drive up the hill, just plow through the vehicles, and 
through the wall. Stay in the vehicle and drive over all the Ballas'. Once you're in the building 
you'll have to make your way up to the fourth floor and then to Big Smoke's room. At the top of 
all staircases there is a guard, go up the stairs only half-way and toss a molotov cocktail up 
there to burn the guy before he can shoot you. Completeling the Fire Truck R3 mission making CJ 
fireproof on foot will be a HUGE help later in this mission. There are a lot of armour and health 
pickups along the way, make sure to pick them up. 

CS: Eventually you will make it to Big Smoke's room. He's sitting playing a video game! CJ and Big 
Smoke discuss what's going on, Big Smoke wants CJ to join him, CJ wants him to see the wrong he's 
doing. Of course Big Smoke just grabs a gun and opens fire. 

GP: Kill the guys who show up to help him and chase him with a strong gun. Take him out! 

CS: As Big Smoke explains why he did what he did he dies. Then Officer Tenpenny arrives and forces 
CJ to give him a case of money. He escapes and blows up the generators, causing the building to 
catch fire and lose power completely. 

GP: Turn on the night vision goggles, and get out of there! Be very wary of fire, this is where 
being fireproof is going to be a huge help, and the tons of gangsters not bothering to flee the 
burning building. You'll have to use a fire extinguisher if you're not fireproof, you'll come 
across a few as you make your way through the building. Be sure to grab any armour and health 
pickups you find. To see the flames easier, switch between night vision and normal every chance 
you get. Don't forget the Ballas'! 

CS: Once you get to the end of the building, CJ runs out of the building just as it explodes! 
Tenpenny jumps into a Fire Truck and Sweet jumps off his car onto the ladder on the back of 
the Fire Truck. 

GP: CJ jumps in a car and you'll have to give chase, keep up to the Fire Truck as best you can. 
He drives madly fast and takes corners way to well. Eventually cops get onto the Fire Tuck and 
ends up trying to get Sweet to fall off, you'll have to drive up under them and let Sweet jump 
onto the car. Afterwards Sweet will take the wheel and you'll have to shoot the two cops. 
Get rid of them ASAP and then lookbackwards and take out all the cop cars and bikes that 
appear behind you. 

CS: Tenpenny swerves between some buildings, Sweet keeps up with him. 

GP: Keep shooting everyone behind you, take the drivers out on the bikes and just fire at 
the cop cars to cause them to explode. You have to keep going until Tenpenny drives over 
a bridge above Grove Street. 

CS: You'll have to beat the mission to watch the final cut-scene. Pretty much 

Respect    : 40 Points 
Misc.      : After the credits roll, you'll be able to go back and play the game as you 
             could in GTA3 & GTA: VC 
Phone Call : Catalina calls while having sex with Claude trying to make CJ jealous. 
             If you want any information about missions and how to beat then without cheating, 
             send me at my e-mail id. It is above.

Stunt bomb car:
Submitted by: Asraf

hi,this is a crazy stunt i found.first get a car for yourself then load it with all the satchel 
charges u can .Ten get in Ur car then drive it in a straight road without any turns .Drive it 
fast as u can.Then jump out of Ur car. then switch on to your remote to activate the satchel 
charges u can also switch it before u get in the car then activate the charges boom goes very 
thing but Ur car remains scratch less without any damage . remember to fo it perfectly ur car 
should not stop or this trick will not work

How to another city:
Submitted by: Arjun sharma

If you want to go to another city, dont go with jetpack or any another way, just type AEZAKMI 
and go where you want!

Repairing you damaged vehicles for free, anywhere:
Submitted by: Arvind H Nair

This is actually a cheat that helps you to repair your vehicles for free and gives you extra 
cash (upto 2500000$)and also gives you full health and full armor.

HAVE FUN IF you have any quarries mail at 

Submitted by: Himanshu

If you have a wanted level and the cops are on your pursuit, just jump on a car and the cops 
cant arrest you. It may come in handy even if they are firing at you, the cops will not have 
perfect aim if you jump on a car's roof.

Where to find big garage:
Submitted by: anshubha

go to verdant meadows in las venturus find the big garage where planes are stored store there 
any vehicles you want and save it and have fun

Submitted by: Sachin_shady

if you need a sand king means a sport jeep then in the desert go to the huge satellite and go 
to its backside you will find a sand king you can take it any time from there.

Find a kart:
Submitted by: Sachin_shady

to find a kart in san andreas first you have to go in the desrt village where you find your 
girlfriend who were in police find your safe house and get your back the door and goto right 
and you will found a stair going to a hollow house go in you will find it.note:this hint works 
when you will pass a mission in which you have to race with a kart.

please die fast bs:
Submitted by: aaditya610

in the first mission after escaping from the ballas gang car you must return safely to groove 
streat let smoke ryder seweet reach them before you after that type the cheat ouiqdmw for aiming 
driving vehicles take out an micro smg then aim and shoot any one of the fools [sweet ryder 
smoke ]you will minimumly need 50 - 70 bullets to kill them and in some missions they die in 
20 bullets.

Easy bmx challenge:
Submitted by: jayrajroshan

if you want to take a bmx challenge type 'naturaltalent'and get on a bmx and the challenge will 
start. when the timer is at 0 just then collect a checkpoint the timerwill disappear and you can 
take as much time you want.
note:it works only in the bmx training area near the city general hospital.
have fun.

Submitted by: Aakash Patil, Akola

This is not a cheat but a great hint 

Go to (g t a vice city folder) then go to data folder then go to handling.cfg open it with notepad. 
then click on edit,click on find& type rhino click on find next,you will find a word rhino then 
there will be some numbers like this

18000.0 3.5 8.0 3.8 0.0 0.0 0.0 90 0.75 0.8 200.5 4 80.0 8.0 4 D 8.17 0.50 0 20.0 1.8 0.05 1.12 0.09 
110000 0.35 -0.10 0.5 0.0 4003 0 1

then make changes in this
there will be a number 200.5 change it to 1.5

then when you will start the game type "panzer" get in the rhino and drive it then the panzer will 
fly and make stunt automatically.
if you have problem with this cheat then e-mail me.

Get into space and land on the moon:
Submitted by: shivam the twister

get into dirtring race where you have to pick up the red marker. before the race beggins type 
RIPAZHA and your car will fly in the air. then get at the dark area of the stadium and you will 
be in can land on the ha!

Easy mission : wrong side of the tracks:
Submitted by: ashish deep singh

to pass this mission easily u have to go to the bridge after the tunnel at north east santos u have 
to reach there before the train when u reach there jump off ur bike and jump on the train from the 
bridge then kill all the vagos and take big smoke safely back.

Get six star wonted level:
Submitted by: himanshu

if you want to get highist wonted level the problem is that you are get wasted by helicopter or tank.
to get save from a helicopter get inside a bridge or any hiding these process i get six sear 
wonted level and keep it up till 1 hour without getting busted or wasted.try these out.

Wrong Side Of Tracks Becomes Easier:
Submitted by: Arun Sharma

Hi This Is Arun My Amazing Mind Give Me A Superb Idea To Make The Mission Wrong Side Of Tracks
Too Easier.First,You Have To Go On RailWay Station With Big Smoke On A Bike Just Go There And When 
You Reach To RailWay Station,A Movie Starts That Four Los Santos Gang Members Are Running On The Train.
After The Story Ends,Quickly Type The Cheat(Rocket Man).Then You Get A Jet Pack Leave Big Smoke There 
And Start Following The Train And When You Following The Train You Saw That One Santos Member Is Dead 
By Striking With Bridge.Now You Have To Just Kill Three Gangsters.You Go To the Roof Of The Train Where 
Three Santos
Stand And Kill Them And After That You Fly Back To RailWay Station Where you Find Big Smoke Waiting 
For you.Then You Just Have To Drop Big Smoke To His Home And Your Mission Will Compleletd.

If You Get Any Problem In This Game Send Me Email On 
Hey,Don't Forget To Thank Me.

Arun's Best Way Of Winning All Car Races:
Submitted by: Arun Sharma

This Is A Easy Way To Win All The Car Races.You Have To Just Get In The Car 
And When The Time Starts 321 Go Just Type The KeyWords(Bagowpg) With This 
All The Racers Get Out Of The Car And Attacks You.You Don't Be Scared Of This 
You Just Concentrate On Your Racing If You.If You Thougt Racers Make You Trouble
You Can Kill Them By Driving Your Car On Them.

If You Get Any Problem In This Game Send Me emial On
Hey,Don't Forget To Thank Me.

die 155km above from earth:
Submitted by: shivam

i heard that we can diE in the air butquite away from soil but i discovered that 
wecan die 155 km away from earth 
and in the do that you just ae to geta car and type RIPAZHA(the car flying 
cheat) then take the car away from 
the earth fly very high as yu can. now the trick starts! when in the air with the 
car type CPKTNWT butdonot 
type the full cheat you have to type only cpktnw when in the car!then hit enter and 
when you get out of 
the car hit T . the car will blow but make sure youare near the car.if done 
correctly youwill die due to explotion in 
the air high from the earth. try it out it works!if any problem mail me at

About the races:
Submitted by: shantanu bhikane

this is just a hint
while races put the cheat "chittychittybangbang" all cars started flying slowly drive 
through all checkpoints by shifting your weight in frontside {by pressing front arrow key}

Submitted by: lelin

this is actually a cheat. go to Santa maria beach and you will see a big house go inside 
and you will see 5 doors get in the door in the middle and then you will see that you have 
reached a strange place You can also perform the missions of gta vice city . note: if you 
start any missions of gta vice city then you will have to be tommy vercitti again ! 
So on my opinion you shouldn't perform those missions.

Get new vehicles without unlocking them:
Submitted by: carl

to get new vehicles just go to the highway road near CJ's first house .often most of time 
you will see a yellow towtruck carrying vehicles .most of times you will see them carrying 
locked vehicles .so just get the vechile and get it into your garage.

Complete mission "End of The Line" easilly:
Submitted by: Shoaib Ahmed

Before start this mission complete 12 mission of firetruck then you will be fireproof.It is very 
important for this mission.Then start this mission.Now go to your direction.Then after scene 
ride in cycle & go to Swat Tank.Get on it and smash the wall.Then get off it and enter the door.
From 1 to 3 floor fight well.Then go to floor 4 & meet Big Smoke.Then go to the table & defence 
yourself.Head shot Big Smoke for long time then he will dead.Then a scene will appear.
Then run and also shoot while running.It is good for you that do not need to chase down fire.
Go and kill all the gang member.Sometime don't shoot just run.When you go to last door of the 
building a scene will appear.Now follow the firetruck.Don't worry about Motolov Cocktail.
It will not hurt you or Sweet.After some distanse you need to go close to firetruck because a 
police is stand on Sweet's grip.Go close to firetruck sweet will jump on you.Then you have to 
shoot.Only defence your car & kill police.After going long distance a scene will come.
And this mission is complete.
If you found any mistake please inform me or if you found any problem mail me.

Get money at bank:
Submitted by: Shoaib Ahmed

After complete all the mission go to the bank.In the 2nd floor you will get money.Be sure if 
you go to 2nd floor 4 star will raise.
Send me feedback or if you have a problem in GTA - Vice City send me 
my question i will try to solve you my email

Inf. Ammo without cheat or Trainer:
Submitted by: Ashutosh sagar

you can increase your ammo upto infinity without any cheat by following steps :-

(1) Buy your required weapons from Ammu-Nation.
(2) Now enter in the Ammu-Nation`s challenge.
(3) After that Challenge`s preview will run. At that state cancel the Challenge.
(4) Now check your weapons.
(5) you will found that the Ammo of shotgun, Handgun, SMG, Assault
    series Guns get Doubled.
(6) Repeat these steps as many as time you want and every time you will get double
    ammos of above four series guns.

Life bonous:
Submitted by: VIPIN DORLE

I am vipin Dorle,while playing GTA-san andreas,i found an amazing thing. there is a no 
fly zone in the game. Enable jetpack cheat"rocketman" and fly above the square at height 
as far as possible. they will fire you with the rockets but due to the jetpack your dead 
body willget down slowly. during this duration enable health cheat"hesoyam", you will 
find that your health is back again and your floating dead body will be back to life.
(some times after removing jetpack just after doing this trick you can die automatically)

Best Burglary:
Submitted by: Satya to no Patel

The Luckiest burglary hints; 
1.If you have completed mission "Home Invasion" you are able to apply this trick. 
2.Take that burglary truck and start burglary missions. 
3.Go to Playa Del Seville. 
4.You will find a barber shop near a street. 
5.Get to that street and go at the last of that street,you will find two houses to enter. 
6.Get into one of that two houses. 
7.Kill that house's owner 
Note:Before taking that burglary truck enable the always orange sky cheat or always 
midnight cheat and never wanted cheat and KJKSZPJ cheat to get weapons and FULLCLIP 
cheat to get infinite ammo. 
8.When the cops are on the way,you three star wanted level but if you have enable never 
wanted cheat, you are able to stay in the house and steal all the things from that house. 
9.Get into the second house and kill its owner and steal things. Applying this trick i 
steal 55 items and earn 60500$. Wishing you good luck

Run Car in Water:
Submitted by: Sukant Chaurasia

First of all type "coxefgu" in the game that will activate nitro booster of all vehicles.
Next you have to type "ripazha" that will activate the cars to fly.Now take the car in 
water and you will experience that your car is flying in water.Enjoy the Game.

A new weapon to win easily the mission:
Submitted by: Sukant Chaurasia

If you are in trouble to pass the mission "Wrong side of the tracks" you have to take 
following steps.First before starting the mission you have to go to the city Las Vegas 
that is towards the "N" in the map.You can type "aezakmi" that will activate the police 
code.Towards the right side of the map that is towards the "N" direction there is a big 
construction site.In that site towards the upper floor you can observe a digger(it is of 
10 times of ak-47) revolving there.You can walk on it and press "capslock" on it.It will 
replace the rocket launcher.Now start the mission and ride the bike faster than the train.
Now there will be a train crossing where a man with a car will standing.(Note-the car is 
destroyed due to the striking of the train.)Just some distance from the car stop the bike 
and get off.Now place the aim towards the men standing on train and start weapon
(by clicking LMB.)All the men gets killed and take Big Smoke Towards his destination.
Cool Enjoy the Game.

Easily pass racing mission:
Submitted by: Sukant Chaurasia/Sheelu

If you want to pass the racing mission with no trouble then you must type these of the cheats 
according to me.
LLQPFBN - Pink traffic
JCNRUAD - vehicles blast when hit
BSXSGGC - Cars float when hit.

NOTE: You have to be in a pink car otherwise you will be wasted your car after being hit by 
another car.

Necessary cheats for mission:
Submitted by: Sukant Chaurasia/Sheelu

First start the game and type these cheats:
lxgiwyl - weapon cheat 
wanrltw - no reload
aezakmi - no police
lfgmhal - high jump
speed it up - controls the speed of the game.

By typing these cheats at the start of the game you can easily pass the missions.

Max Stamina:
Submitted by: criminal

When you want to increase your stamina to maximum level without entering gym 
then type "VKYPQCF" without "". 
This may be usefull to run or swim for long distance. 
The cheat may be upper or lower case. 
Enjoy the game!!!

Heavy artilery:
Submitted by: TONZA_117

go to torenos ranch in tierra robada and go inside, you will see a flame thrower, 
heat seeker, rocket launcher and a minigun, go to the first support beam of the rail 
bridge at San fierro use 'rocketman' to fly up and you will see another minigun, the 
small abandoned town above el quebrados has a heat seeker, and roca escalante, go 
into a largish looking carpark (it has mesh in the windows) the go down and you will 
find a minigun.

250000 money,armor and health:
Submitted by: Muzzammil Akhund

(hesoyam) this cheat must be entered when you are plying the game.if you submit this 
code while driving the damage of your car will repaired.250000,armor and health.

Submitted by: shivam twister85

I found a new easter egg in gtasa.go to the second los santos leaving mainroad i.e the 
road near the beach were the big jiant wheel is.cross the road.(this road goes to san-feirro).
across the bridge turn left and you can see a house with some cars and a monster truck.just 
in front of the house near the sea you can see a man with camara which you had never seen in 
gtasa.when you go near the man he will take snapshot of you with his camara.after taking 
two or three snapshots he walks towards the sea and fell down and then dies, this man might 
be a tourist or a bug of the programmers.but its really can se him in the daytime 
only.if you have saw it or need any suggestions to find him then e-mail me 

To run with turbo speed:
Submitted by: Shubhkarman

To run super fast you have to first download GTA SA Ultimate editor
install GTA SA Ultimate editor
click on Wepon editor tab
click on any wepon [only guns]
change speed from default to 6000
change move speed from default to 6000.0
if u have any problem you can mail me with your problem

Micro smg powerfull as rocket launcher:
Submitted by: Shubhkarman

You can make your micro smg powerful as rocket launcher
1. download gta sa ultimate editor
2. Install it 
3. run it
4. click on weapons editor tab
5. expand level 1 weapons
6. click on micro smg 
7. change damage 20 to 2000 or more 
8. click on save button
9. expand level 2 wepons & do same as done in level 1 weapons , & do same in level 3 weapons

note: you can edit others wepons also by perfoming same steps | 
warning : enable god mode so you don't die when other gang members hit you
if any problem please mail me with you suggest and error detail

Submitted by: Jimmy

First type the cheatcode 'JCNRUAD' then type the cheat 'JUMPJET' to get a hydra and fly. 
You won't get any kind of damage on it if you get crash or any missile is fired on you. 
You can even fly with cops with 6-stars on you. And you can do stunts without any fear 
of getting crash and increase your flying skill.


Submitted by: Jimmy

When you fall into middle of sea it is very difficult and boring to swim to the land. 

So, here I go with an easy trick to go on the shore easily. when your in the middle of 
the sea, type 'rocketman' cheat to get jetpack then type 'jumpjet' cheat to get a hydra. 
Jump on the hydra an you will get a ject pack on you. Use it to get on the shore.

Complete 8-track with a missile:
Submitted by: Mukul Ahlawat

All you have to do is go to the 8-track stadium and enter the red marker type RIPAZHA 
(car fly cheat) while in the stadium( in the car). As soon as Cheat Activated pops up 
your car ( Hotring Racer) will get a speed similar to a missile. You can even complete 
the race with a gap of 6-10 laps ahead of other cars. Just make sure your car doesn't 
fly( which it rarely does. Otherwise you can drive it on the walls of the track. Enjoy

Dating Michelle:
Submitted by:Nebras Edera

you can date many girls in GTA San Andreas and many of them has been named before 
by the other guys,but they forgot one.
it's michelle you can find her in the driving school in doherty'san fierro
near the water cooler,she will fix your car for free in her house downtown.

Mission: Missappropriation:
Submitted by: tHE gAMER

If you have already tried that mission, you can get in a car and 'trip skip'. 
If not, spawn a jetpack by typing rocketman and fly there to the red marker. 
Wait, wait. Before flying, go to the closest Ammunation and buy 5 clips of ammo 
for a 9mm silenced pistol. And 5 clips of sniper rifle ammo + 8 clips of SMG ammo, 
not MicroSMG! Then , if you dont want to cheat, get a Banshee or any fast car. 
A bike would be better. Stop and get down from the bike a nice amout of metres away, 
where the FBI can't see you. Crouch and, keeping your distance behind the two helicopters, 
sneak around the location. If any gaurd comes near, silence them with the silenced pistol 
before he shouts. Get the sniper rifle. now get ready for the action. Zoom in on the target 
and give him a head shot. In less than 2 seconds, switch to the SMG and sprint toward the 
briefcase. Grab it and done!!

Want a ghost rider car and win races easily then read this..:
Submitted by: Rishabh Aggarwal

first get a car and get outside it and type JCNRUAD code then enter the car and 
type it again JCNRUAD code.Then get outside it and fire some gun shots on the car 
so the car start burning.When the car starts burning quickly sit in the car before 
it explodes and magic the car will not explode unless you get out of the car the 
car will remain burning.Try it its amazing you can also use this trick on races when 
you enter the car and type again JCNRUAD then type CPKTNWT to make other racing cars 
explode your car will not explode but do not try this on those races in which main 
character is playing the race...
If you find any problem contact me on my e-mail address

Submitted by: om pra

te: You must have a second controller inserted in port two. In the Ganton area, start from 
Grove Street where the Johnson house is located. Drive under the first bridge and continue 
to go straight. Next, youshould drive over some railroad tracks. After this, you should drive 
under a second bridge. Take the first right turn you see. It should be a dead end. Drive until 
your car hits the grass, then look to your left. You should see an open doorway. Walk through 
it and you should see a small "2 Player" icon. Press any button on controller two to begin. 
Additionally, when you are on the missions from Big Smoke go north of his house. You should 
see some wrecked buildings. Go through them to find a two player free roam icon.

Unlock: Girlfriend's Cars:
Bandito       - Date Helena
Green Hustler - Date Denise to 50%
Monster Truck - Date Michelle to 50%
Pink Club     - Date Millie to 50%
Police Ranger - Date Barbara to 50%
White Romero  - Date Katie to 50%

= 3a) Denise =

Denise will be your first girlfriend, and she'll also be the easiest one to 
please. You'll get her automatically after the Burning Desire mission, so 
don't worry about doing anything special to go out with her. She doesn't care 
about appearance, she lives very close to your house, and you never have to 
take her very far from home.

Note: Often, Denise will like to do drive-bys on people during your dates. It 
doesn't seem to matter whether you let her kill anyone or not, so don't feel 
obligated to stop and let her finish off people.

- none

Denise lives on the street right behind your initial house, next to the bridge. 
The times she is home are:
00:00 to 6:00
16:00 to 00:00

Food Date:
The easiest place to take Denise to is the bar a couple blocks away from her 
house. You can also take her to fast food restaurants if you'd prefer some 

Dancing Date:
Just take her to the only dance club in Los Santos, which is marked on the map.

Driving Date:
Denise likes the area all around her house, and there's no speed too slow for 
her. So you can just barely move down the street and back to fill up her fun 

Denise should start inviting you in after dates for "coffee" when your 
relationship with her is at about 40%.

- You don't get anything just for dating Denise, since you don't have to do 
anything to get a date with her.

- At 50% you get the keys to her car, which is a green Hustler.

- At 100% Denise will give you a Pimp Suit, which is a light blue suit.

= 3b) Michelle =

Michelle is a mechanic who lives in San Fierro. You can find her in the 
driving school, which you will have a mission at after doing some of the main 
missions for San Fierro (it will be marked on the map after this mission). 
She's in the room with the TV where you get driving school missions, standing 
next to the water cooler.

Note that Michelle will not be in the driving school all of the time. She 
seems to randomly spawn when you enter through the front door, so if she isn't 
there, just exit and enter the front door of the driving school until she is. 
It might work with the back door as well, but I've never seen her there when 
coming in that way. If she still doesn't appear, I'd try waiting for a game 
day and then trying the process again.

- High fat (at least 50%)
- High sex appeal

Michelle lives in the far northern part of San Fierro at her garage. She will 
be home at the following time:
00:00 and 12:00

Food date:
She likes bars, so take her to one of those.

Dancing Date:
Just take her to the only club in San Fierro.

Driving Date:
Michelle likes you to drive fast, so basically just drive around at top speed 
and try not to crash so you can keep your speed up. Don't worry about which 
neighborhood you're in too much, as she doesn't seem to care where you are as 
long as you're going fast.

Special Date:
This is a very nice type of date that seems to be unique to Michelle, and it is 
by far the easiest date type of them all. In this type of date, Michelle wants 
to drive, so you if you are in a car already, you'll automatically get out of 
the car and go over to the passenger side. Otherwise just get into a car, and 
then you'll switch seats automatically when she gets in.

Now, Michelle will drive around while the camera is in cinematic mode. All you 
can do during this date is change the radio station and change the camera view 
(with left and right on the right joystick). After driving around for about 2 
or 3 ingame hours, she'll drive back to her place and the date will end 

However, it is still possible to fail this date. If you get out of the car (by 
pressing triangle), Michelle will drive off and the game will tell you that she 
stole your car. She'll disappear after the little cut scene though, so the car 
will just stop or crash into whatever's in front of it.

Note: There is a glitch with this date that happened to me about half the time 
when I drove into the pink marker to start a date instead of walking into it. 
In this glitch, Michelle will get into the car, but when Carl gets out to go to 
the passenger side, Michelle will drive away without him.

The camera will follow Michelle in the car in cinematic mode as normal, but 
after a few seconds the date will fail (probably because Michelle got too far 
away from Carl), and the camera will stay stuck where it is. Then if you get 
into a car, the camera will go back to cinematic mode on the car, but then will 
get stuck again if you get out. This problem doesn't seem to save with the 
game, but I still would recommend against saving just in case. If you want to 
avoid this glitch, you should probably only enter the pink marker at Michelle's 
on foot.

Michelle will probably start letting you in at about 40% relationship.

-For dating: You can use Michelle's garage, located at her house. It works 
just like a Pay n' Spray, but it's free.

-At 50%: She'll give you the keys to her Monster Truck.

-At 100%: She gives you a Racing Suit. This is basically a blue jumpsuit with 
Michelle's Garage logo on the back.

= 3c) Helena =

Helena is a lawyer who likes shooting guns and lives on a farm. She can first 
be found by in the town of Blueberry in Red County. She is shooting at targets 
on the Blueberry Ammunation's roof, which can be accessed by a staircase right 
next to the Ammunation entrance. She doesn't seem to be there every day, so if 
you can't find her, try coming back the next ingame day.

Note that if you stand in front of Helena as she shoots you, she will shoot you 
and if you let her kill you and your relationship with her will go up by 10%. 
However, you won't get anything from her before you're dating even if you get 
your relationship to 100%, and it seems to reset to 15% when you start going 
out with her.

- Low muscle (less than 25%)
- Low fat
- High sex appeal

Helena lives way out in the middle of nowhere on a farm in Flint County. She 
will be at home during the following time intervals:
00:00 to 2:00
08:00 to 12:00
14:00 to 00:00

Food Date:
The closest place to eat that Helena likes is the restaurant in the Rodeo 
district of Los Santos.

Dancing Date:
This date is kind of a pain with Helena, as the dance clubs are all really far 
away. I recommend the club in Los Santos, as it seems to be a little closer, 
but you can make it to the one in San Fierro as well.

Driving Date:
Helena likes you to drive fairly slowly, at about the speed that you naturally 
coast down a hill. She likes rural areas and some nice parts of town. This 
includes the area all around her farm, so I recommend just driving in circles 
through her fields until you get the fun bar up.

Helena won't let you come in until your relationship is at about 70%.

- For dating Helena, you will gain access to a tool shed on her farm that 
contains a chainsaw, a flamethrower, molotov cocktails, and a pistol. You will 
also be able to use her Bandito car. It is available right from the start as 
it has no doors to lock.

- At 50% the game says you get her the keys to her Bandito, but since you could 
already use her car, what you actually get is nothing.

- At 100% Helena will give you Rural Clothes, which you can get in the special 
menu of your wardrobe. These are overalls over a sleeveless flannel shirt.

= 3d) Katie: =

Katie is a nurse who lives in San Fierro. She can be found at the edge of the 
avispa country club in San Fierro. To find her, go to the northeast corner of 
the avispa country club (by the gym). Here, you should be able to see her 
standing on a little grass hill by some bushes.

- high muscle (around 75%)
- high sex appeal

Katie lives in the Paradise district of San Fierro, along the highway in the 
far north. The time she is available for dates is:
12:00 to 0:00

Food Date:
She likes diners, so you can take her to the diner that's right next to her 

Dancing Date:
Just a standard dance date, take her to the club in San Fierro.

Driving Date:
The speed for Katie's date is pretty easy, as she likes a fairly slow speed. 
However, Katie doesn't like the area she lives in, so you're going to have to 
take her somewhere else to get her fun bar to go up at any decent rate. Just 
drive at a speed she approves of until you get to an area she likes, and the 
bar should go up very slowly until you get there.

I recommend taking her to Chinatown. It isn't too far, and Katie really likes 
this area so the bar will fill up pretty quickly. There's also a nice little 
square area just past the road south of the Chinatown safe house that you can 
buy. Once you get here, you can circle around this area until the bar is full.

Katie should start inviting you in when your relationship with her is at about 

- For dating: Katie will get you out of the hospital for free, but even better 
is that you also get to keep all of your weapons after being wasted.

- At 50%: Katie will give you the keys to her white Romero (hearse).

- At 100%: Katie will give you the Medic Uniform. This is a white shirt with 
medical symbols on it, and dark blue pants.

= 3e) Barbara: =

Barbara is a divorced cop with two kids, and you get to date her! Note that 
even though Barbara says she is a cop, she won't care if you commit crimes 
around her. She can be found in the town of el quebrados in the northwest part 
of the map (Las Venturas island). She is in the parking lot of the cop station 
that's just north of the el quebrados pay n' spray.

- high fat (at least 50%)
- high sex appeal

You never actually find out where Barbara lives. Instead, you'll pick her up 
right where you first found her, at the cop station is el quebrados. She can 
be found here during the following hours:
00:00 to 6:00
16:00 to 00:00

Food Date:
Barbara likes diners, and fortunately for you, there's a diner along the 
highway just a little ways southwest of el quebrados.

Dancing Date:
Dancing will be Barbara's most annoying type of date to do, since she lives out 
in the middle of nowhere. You can either go to the club in Las Venturas or the 
one in San Fierro, but both are pretty far away. I usually go to the one in 
San Fierro, since it seems a little closer.

Driving Date:
Barbara likes very slow speeds, but it is possible to go too slow. She likes 
the area all around el quebrados, so you can just drive her slowly down the 
roads until she asks you to take her home.

Barbara should start inviting you in at about 60% relationship.

- For dating: You get out of jail free after being arrested, and you get to 
keep all of your guns!

- At 50%: You'll get the keys to her Ranger (one of those police SUVs you 
always see in rural areas).

- At 100%: You'll get a cop outfit, which is the standard blue uniform worn by 
the police in the game.

= 3f) Millie: =

You will get Millie as a girlfriend automatically after the "Key To Her Heart" 
mission in Las Venturas. Note that you do not have to wear the gimp suit from 
the mission in order to date her normally, that was just necessary during that 
one mission. However, it is a good idea to wear it so you can do her special 

You will have the extra motive for dating Millie of getting her key card, which 
she will give to you when you get your relationship with her high enough, which 
will take between 2 and 3 dates depending on what kind you do.

- none

Millie lives in the Prickle Pine district of northern Las Venturas. She will 
be available during the following hours:
12:00 to 22:00

Food Date:
Millie likes restaurants, and fortunately there's a restaurant not too far 
southwest of her house.

Dancing Date:
You'll want to take her to the Camel's Toe dance club way down in southeast Las 

Driving Date:
Millie likes about an average speed, and has a pretty generous range of 
approval, so you shouldn't have too much trouble keeping her happy. She also 
likes the area she lives at, so you can just drive her in circles around her 
neighborhood area.

Special Date:
Millie's special date is definitely her easiest date, and best since you can 
get 10% from this date before Millie starts inviting you in. To get this date, 
you have to wear the gimp suit. Then when you show up for a date, you'll just 
go inside and have sex instead of having to deal with going places or doing 

Note that with this date, you won't be able to give her any gifts or follow it 
up with "coffee." Also, when you finish the date you won't be wearing your 
gimp suit, but it will still be available from your wardrobe.

You don't get to start having "coffee" after normal dates with Millie until you 
get your relationship with her to about 40%.

- For dating: nothing, since you don't have to do anything to get her.

- At about 35%: After your date, Millie will call you on your cellphone and 
tell you that you can go to her house to get the card. Now you can enter 
Millie's house just this once to get it.

- At 50%: You get the keys to her car, which is a pink Club.

- At 100%: You get absolutely nothing. I guess the gimp suit you got on the 
mission was considered Millie's outfit gift.

Ghost Planes:
Submitted by: HenrySmith

Go to Las Brujas (a small ghost town in El Castillo El Diablo)in the midnight and go to 
place graveyard entrance. After a while, a plane(usually dodo or stunt plane)will crash 
towards the halo cliff and come crashing towards CJ and die. This is bug of the AI of 
the pilot of the plane and also the plane might be flying too low or the cliff is to high.
But why does it always crash in front of CJ? Remains a mystery.

Easily complete "SUPPLY LINES..." mission.:
Submitted by: Rupesh Baroniya

I see this RC berron plan mission is very difficult because limited amount of fuel and 
difficult controls of the plan but i found a cheat through which you complete this mission easily. 
For this go to gta san andreas installation folder such as c:/program-files/gta-sa/data/handling file.
Open this file in note pad and search "TOP FUN" & "BIKE" change its velocity and acceration to "1.0" 
than save the file and start game you see the courier vehicle moving very slowly so you easly shoot 
him and complete mission.

Make Police chase any car:
Submitted by: Priyanshu Kumar
Email :

First enter cheat "IFIRSTDOZ". Then go to a traffic pole. C whether light is red, then shoot that 
car that is waiting for signal. And police or cop car must exist near him. When u shoot on the car, 
he'll drive breaking the red signal. The cop will try to chase him. Enjoy this funny thing!!!

No Need of Bike in Mission - Big Smoke:
Submitted by: Laxmikant Kachhap

If you don't like riding bicycle in the first mission - Big Smoke, then you can take any 
vehicle to complete the mission though the game asks you to "Get on the Bike". Just follow 
your colleagues as usual to reach your last check point and the mission completes. 
Also keep note that your enemies will try to kill you riding in a car shooting at you, 
so try to kill them before taking a vehicle.


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